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Onshore Drilling Safety Operation

Date :

Wednesday, 27-08-2008 - Friday, 29-08-2008

08:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Venue :

Holiday Inn Hotel

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 33

Bandung, INA


Fee :

Rp. 6.500.000


Seminar/Conference Description :

Onshore drilling operations have many risks and hazards to health, safety and environment, and those who could be impacted by the hazards and risks are man power/employee (People), Equipment/tools, Materials and Environment around/close to drilling locations area. High-standard of HSE in drilling operations could be achieved if the labours/employees are well trained both in the drilling technology/operations and HSE related aspects. Also, the supplies/equipments which are used need to match with design operations standard and are well organized, and are operated referring to the drilling program and in good engineering aspects. Main factor of good drilling operations, healthy, safely and environmental friendly are well planning and good communication among employees from rig manager to roustabout and other parties involved in the drilling operations.


Course Objective

After the course, the participants expected to earn:

1. Knowledge, and understanding to executing Laws, regulations and Procedures of the Government of Republic Indonesia regarding HSE matters in drilling operation onshore.

2. Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling onshore drilling operations to achieve smoothly, healthy, and safely, with no negative result in occupational health, or no accident, fire, and pollution to environment.


The course fee is included, Meals (2x coffee break and lunch), Training Kits, Training Materials (Hardcopy + Softcopy), Documentation and Certificate of Completion.


Speaker :


Didi Sugandi, Ir.

Ir. Didi Sugandi has totally 30 years of hands on experience in production operation, and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) at Stanvac Oil, Huffco/VICO, JOB Pertamina-Gulf Resource, and a Geothermal Company (Karaha Bodas). He was successful to implement ISRS (International Safety Rating System) audit at VICO Indonesia in 1993-1996. His last position was HSE Manager. He has been for years becoming HSE course leader at both in-house and public course, and HSE consultant at companies of Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Petrochemical, Cement, Fertilizer Plant, Electronics, Electrical Power Plant, Agro/Plantation, etc. He completed his petroleum engineering program from AKMIGAS Cepu in 1977, and from UPN Veteran Yogyakarta in 1991.


Ir. Wahyu Affandi M, Ir., M.Env

is an independent consultant for oil and Gas Company in . His career was begun at VICO Indonesia a major oil and gas producer formerly named Huffco in East Kalimantan from 1982 till 2000. During his career at VICO he exposed to various jobs and responsibilities such as Reservoir Engineering, Production Operation, Crude Oil Lifting Coordination, and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) matters. Having more than 25 years experiences in international energy and natural resources and more than 10 years experiences in environmental field. One of his remarkable achievements was successfully setting up and implementing EMS ISO 14001 at VICO Indonesia. He graduated from Petroleum Engineering ITB in 1982. As well as holding Master Degree in Environment Management from Padjajaran University and Twente Enschede of Netherlands, he is also having an international certification as EMS and ISO 14000 Auditor, EARA Course No: 00300, ANSI-RAB No: EMS 608. Certificate. No UK/170100/013.


Outline :

1. Introduction to Laws/Regulations of Republic of Indonesia which related to drilling operation in oil& gas, and geothermal,:

a. Law no.1 year 1970 regarding safety

b. Mijn Politie Reglement/ Regulation of mining policy statute book 1930 no.341

c. Guidance of execution of onshore drilling operation from Directorate General of gas and Oil (MIGAS)

d. Code/law and its regulation related to drilling operation and geothermal


2. Introduction to Loss Control Management.


3. PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) in drilling operations


4. HSE aspects at preparation stage of onshore drilling operations


5 Safety equipment aspect of onshore drilling which cover, for example:

a. Hoisting system (derrick/mast, substructure, Rig floor, draw works, Crown block, Travelling Block, Hook, Elevator, Drilling, Drilling Line)

b. Rotating system (Rotary table, Master Bushing, Kelly Bushing, Rotary slips, make up & break out tongs, swivel, Kelly, Kelly saver sub, drill collar, specialized down hole tools bit)

c. circulating system (drilling fluid/mud, mud house, steel mud pits/tanks, mixing hopper, chemical mixing barrels, bulk mud storage bins, water tank, reserve pits, discharge & return lines, stand pipe, rotary house, mud pumps, special pumps & agitators, settling tanks, mud gas separator, shale shaker, degasser, desander, desilter)

d. blow out prevention system (accumulator, BOP stacks, choke manifold, kill line)

e. power system (prime movers, power transmission system)

f. Support equipment such as Crane, Dozer, Forklift, Backhoe, Excavator, Vacuum truck, and other transportation requirements.


6. HSE audit and inspection in onshore drilling operations


7. Permit to Work System in onshore drilling operations


8. Prevention, handling and controlling anti fires in onshore drilling operations


9. Accident/incident review (blow-out, fire etc) in onshore drilling operations


10. Handling of hazardous chemical in onshore drilling operations


11. Case study to analyze of equipment inspection in onshore drilling operations


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