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PTK 007 Rev. 4/2017

Format Softcover
Size 210 x 297 mm (A4)
Pages 200
Printing Black & White
Price US$193.103448275.00 or Rp. 2.800.000,-
Released July 2017
Code PTH704H


Upstream oil and gas authority SKK Migas through Decree No. KEP-0041/SKKMA0000/2017/S0 has published the revision of the Second Book on Supply Chain Management Guideline for Production Sharing Contractors (Pedoman Tata Kerja No 007, or PTK 007).

The main objective of the revision of PTK 007 is to accelerate and simplify the tender process, encourage exploration and production activities, and strengthen the investment climate in Indonesia.

Undoubtedly, the revised PTK 007 (PTK 007 Revision 4/2017) book is an important business reference for all players to understand the provision of the work procedure guidelines and its amendments. The book is published for the international community, who needs to understand the guidelines in English. The content appeared in a bilingual format with Indonesian and English texts appearing side by side.

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