8th Edition


"Indonesian Coal Book 2018/2019", which is the eighth edition of the Indonesian Coal Book series, is the most comprehensive source of information on coal mining industry in Indonesia. It is an invaluable source of information on more than 300 coal mining companies operating in Indonesia, including maps of their locations, mining methods, production activities and coal specification and business plans. It also contains information about the existing common-user coal terminals, statistical data on the sector and directories of industry and government contacts.

This full color book provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference containing detailed and up-to-date information on Indonesian coal industry. This edition is definitely a must-buy reference book for not only business executives, prospective coal investors, players, but also research centers and consultants.


Format Hardcover
Size A4 (210x297 mm)
Pages 624
Printing Full Color
Finishing Sewing + Perfect Binding
Price US$200
Release September 2018
Code CB07H


Profiles of more than 300 coal mining companies
Profiles of Services companies, Government, Provincial and Organization contacts
Indonesian coal statistics: Coal Resources/Reserves ; Production; Domestic Sales; Export;
Updated list of PKP2Bs; coal IUPs ‘clean and clear’ (concession holder, location, area, status)

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