Asia Petroleum Development (Glagah Kambuna) Ltd

Tender Announcement

(a member of the Serica Group of Companies)
Correspondence Address:
Jakarta Office:
Plaza Aminta
3rd Floor Suite 302
Jl. Let. Jend. TB. Simatupang Kav. 10
Jakarta 12310
Tel: (62)21 -7591 5202
Fax: (62)21 -7591 5207
Asia Petroleum Development (Glagah Kambuna) Ltd. (APDGK), a Technical Assistance Contractor for PT. Pertamina E & P, in association with the planned development of Glagah Kambuna Field, hereby invites non small Companies who are interested to register for the following tender:
Telecommunication System (supply, licensing, maintenance, servicing)
(Tender Ref.: APD/GK/073/08)
Scope includes Voice Radio, SCADA Radio and Data Radio subsystems. Voice and SCADA Radio involve a 50+ Km link between an offshore location and NE Sumatra coastal location near Pangkalan Brandan complete with repeater radios on an existing Telecommunications tower to which the supplier will secure access. Voice radio systems (including a number of hand-held radios) for use local to the offshore and onshore locations are also required. Data Communications involves an onshore voice / Internet link for a distance of up to 2 km. Rapid-response maintenance / services, use of suppliers existing licensed radio frequencies and use of telecommunications repeater tower facilities for a 2 year period are all included.
Registration Requirements:
The following formal documents must be submitted at registration:
1. Written letter signed by authorized company official requesting participation in this tender.
2. Copies of SIUP or Trade Permit issued by BKPM.
3. Copy of Domicile Certificate.
4. Copy of valid Certificate with the appropriate business classification and qualification for the subject tender.
5. Valid NPWP and PKP.
6. Copies of 2006 and 2007 Annual Financial Reports.
7. Copy of Tax Payment Receipts for the last three months.
8. Company’s latest Balance Sheet prepared and approved by a certified auditor.
9. Copy Article of Association (and amendment therefore, if any).
10. Copy of a valid Telecommunication Licenses from Postel (Telecommunication & Postage Department) for Telecommunication Radio i.e. Radio License (Ijin Perangkat) and Frequency License (Ijin Frequency) covering frequencies over the coverage area of Pangkalan Brandan, Sumatra and area 50+ km in the north east direction.
Interested companies who are able to demonstrate compliance with the eligibility requirements are invited to participate in registration, from 9.00 to 15.00 hours on 9th – 11th June 2008 at the above address.
JAKARTA, 9th June 2008