About Petromindo

Petromindo is a company that specializes in the Indonesian oil and gas, renewables, carbon market, mining, metals, and power sectors. Its primary business encompasses, but is not limited to, providing news, information, and data. Our commitment to delivering business-critical information is underpinned by our objectivity and steadfast focus on impact. As an independent, non-partisan organization, we strive to promote sustainability and profitability within these industries, aiming to bolster their growth. With our extensive expertise, deep understanding, and broad networks in the Indonesian energy landscape, Petromindo serves as the ideal partner for executives, investors, analysts, and financiers navigating Indonesia's evolving business and political climate. The Petromindo website was launched in 1999 and has been serving these sectors ever since.

Beyond its news desk, Petromindo offers in-depth analysis, rumors, intelligence information, and consulting services on an on-demand basis. Petromindo also has events portfolios of which the event are tailored to answer market curiosity and leverage company exposure to desired audiences. Our events are the best for companies who wants to reach new customers, maintain their shares or signify their presence.

What Petromindo provides

Daily news, rumors, analysis and information on oil-gas, renewables, carbon market, mining, metals and power around Indonesia.

Consulting services.

Research, due diligence and market assessment.

In-depth analysis.

Geospatial information.

Regulations on the industries issued by both the central and provincial governments. Our database contains either the official English translation of the regulations by the government, or their English translation by competent experts hired by us.

Printed directory, maps and research reports on oil-gas, renewables, carbon market, mining, metals and power.



What subscriber get?

News access

Access to Petromindo Geospatial Information System

Access to Petromindo company and individual database

Specials on Petromindo/CoalAsia’s webinar entrance

Specials on print-maps, books and research

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