Exploring Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Prospect and Key Legal Aspects

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29 October 2021 | 14.00 – 16.00, Jakarta Time


Jamie Franklin, Partner of White & Case
Tim Fourteau, Partner White & Case, Singapore


According to Government Regulation No. 79 of 2014 (PP 79/2014) on National Energy Policy, the government of Indonesia has set the target for renewable energy to contribute to at least 23% of the national total energy mix on 2025.

Until 2020, the percentage of renewable energy on national energy mix had just reached 11,51%, demanding more than double the current production in less than 4 years if the government is to reach the national target.

This target is crucial for the government in order to reduce emission as part of a global effort to tackle climate change, as Indonesia had also ratified the Paris Agreement with the legislation of Law Number 16 of 2016.

Not only aiming to reach a certain percentage of renewable energy on the national total energy mix, the government has also been pushing for a transition from fossil-based car to a more eco-friendly Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) with the issuance of President Regulation Number 55 of 2019 on Acceleration of Battery Electric Vehicles Program for Road Transportation.

Not only regulating incentives for the BEV Industry, this regulation also regulate the sell of electricity to the BEV Industry, one of which is for the General Electric Vehicle Charging Station (Stasiun Pengisian Kendaraan Listrik Umum/SPKLU).

These entire acceleration programs for the renewable energy industry, including the BEV industry, create tonnes of opportunity for investors, both local and international to invest and help build the industry.

Along with the growth of the industry, it will certainly increase the demand for legal services to take care of all the legal requirements to run a renewable energy business, be it to take care of all the necessary permits, EPC contracts, and financing schemes. To prepare for this, it is important not only for the industry executives but also lawyers and in-house legal to have a clear and complete understanding of the legal framework and technicalities in dealing with transactions on the renewable energy sector.

On that basis, ET-Asia in collaboration with ADCO, Petromindo, and Coal Asia intends to hold a series of webinars to provide a platform for all relevant parties to learn more about the renewable energy legal framework directly from the expert.


Session Two: Renewable Energy Project Financing: Legal Perspective
Friday, 29 October 2021 14.00 – 16.00, Jakarta Time

Jamie Franklin (Partner of White & Case)
Tim Fourteau, Partner White & Case, Singapore
1. Available Methods/Schemes to Finance Renewable Energy Projects
2. Limited Recourse/Non-Recourse Financing
3. Steps in securing offshore funding for renewable energy project

29 October 2021
14.00 – 16.00, Jakarta Time


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