Mining Business Masterclass Series


"The mining industry is a major contributor to the Indonesian economy. It has been attracting both international and domestic investors to invest and expand their investments, either by acquiring new mining companies or increasing their production capacity. In an effort to boost investments in mining, the Government of Indonesia has been working to consolidate regulations into a more investor-friendly framework.

This Masterclass is designed to provide substantive regulatory, business, and practical insights regarding the mining business and how to navigate the business landscape in Indonesia's mining industry. To ensure optimum outcomes, we have designed the Masterclass to be interactive, and facilitated by our experienced and respected experts in their respective fields.

Participants are encouraged to engage directly with our facilitators during the class for a more enriching experience. While the workshop will be primarily conducted in Bahasa Indonesia, English can be accommodated upon request

Here's what you'll gain:
  • Mining business regulatory framework from Mijn Wet 1899 to Law 3/2020
  • The history of COW (KK) and CCOW (PKP2B) and the characteristic for each contract generation
  • Rights and obligations of IUP/K, Contract of Work (KK) and Coal Contract of Work (PKP2B)
  • Types of mining business licenses
  • Taxes, PNBP & Royalties (HBAs)
  • IUPK ex CCOW Obligation
  • Mineral & Coal Downstream Businesses
  • Divestment obligation
  • Mining service businesses
  • Mining contract
  • Coal Supply Agreement
  • Acquisition of mining companies
  • Disputes and cases
Who Should Attend?
  • Mining Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Investors
  • In-House Counsels
  • Bankers

Adri Kurnia Ibnu, S.H., M.H., LL.M., ACIArb


  • Leiden University Law School, the Netherlands (L.LM., 2017)
  • Law School of University of Indonesia (M.H., 2014)
  • Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia (non-degree – International Arbitration, 2011)
  • Law School of Padjadjaran University (S.H., 2005)
  • SMU Taruna Nusantara, Magelang (1996 – 1999)
Working Experience:
  • General Manager Legal PT Kaltim Prima Coal (2008 – Oct 2023)
  • Makarim & Taira
  • Makes & Partners
  • Gani Djemat & Partners
  • Bahar & Partners
  • Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners (2004)
Associations & Organizations:
  • Deputy Chairman of APBI (Head of Legal and Regulatiory Division), 2018-2021
  • Head of Legal Committee at the Indonesian Mining Association (IMA, 2018-2020)
  • Deputy Coordinator of Strategic Policy at Perhapi (2018 – 2021)
Associations & Organizations:

Mining, Project Finance, Investments, Financial crime related litigation


1. Historical review on Indonesia's mining business framework (before Mining Law 2009)
  • Mining business in the Indonesia archipelago before colonialism
  • Portuguese and Dutch influence to the Indonesian mining business
  • Mining Law 1967 and the introduction of contract system in Indonesian mining industry
2. Mining Law 2009-Law 3/2020
  • Introduction of new mining area and licensing systems
  • Dual licensing methods: auction and first come first served
  • Exploration and exploitation licenses
  • Authority to award mining licenses
  • Foreign investments under Mining Law 2009
  • Divestment obligation
  • Financial obligations (royalty, tax, PNBPs)
  • Tenure of IUP/IUPK
  • Privilege of state-owned (BUMN) and local government-owned enterprises (BUMD)
  • Ownership of the mining commodity
  • Mining service businesses
  • Marketing and benchmark price
  • Land right in mining areas
  • Mining license transfer
  • Corporate social responsibility
3. Comparative overview: IUP/Ks – KK- PKP2B
  • Area
  • Mining phases
  • Mining service
  • Divestment
  • Financial obligations
  • Dispute settlement
  • Etc.


1. Mining service regulatory framework
  • Scope of mining service
  • Mining service works under KK and PKP2B vs IUP/IUPK
  • Mining service licenses
  • Authority to issue mining service licenses
  • Responsibility of a mining service company to the Government and mining right holders
  • Restrictions of mining service business
  • No coal getting/mineral getting works
  • Affiliated party transactions
  • Promotion of local and national mining service providers
  • Anti-transfer pricing policy
2. Mining contract structure
  • structure of a mining services contract;
  • scope of work for mining services contract;
  • contract effective term;
  • method and owner requirement for contractor in carrying mining service works;
  • pricing negotiation method and formula;
  • penalty and liquidated damages;
  • exclusivity of contractor;
  • subcontract arrangement;
  • right to inspect by the owner;
  • geological data and pit design;
  • payment method;
  • power to be delegated to the contractor by the owner;

Mining Business Masterclass Series

  • health, safety and environment responsibility;
  • annual mine plan, rolling three months plan and monthly mine plan;
  • site facilities;
  • equipment and infrastructure procurement by the contractor;
  • contractor risk and owner risk
  • unanticipated geological and subsurface conditions;
  • project viability provisions anticipating market and economic conditions;
  • termination mining services contract;
  • indemnity by contractor and owner;
  • force Majeure conditions;
  • owner’s right to step-in in case of force majeure event;
  • employment issues;
  • insurance;
  • governing law;
  • dispute resolution (expert determination, senior management negotiation, arbitration)

Acquisition of Mining Companies Coal Supply Agreement

  1. Incoterms on Coal Sale Agreement
  2. Terms and Conditions of the International Commercial Term on sale of goods (coal)
  3. Liability and responsibility of seller and buyer
  4. Liability and responsibility of the transporter
  5. Weight and quality adjustment
  6. Reference price of coal sale
  7. Choice of forum
  8. Choice of law Acquisition of Mining Companies
    1. Acquisition structure
    2. the validity of the mining right (IUP or CCOW/COW) of the target company
    3. requirement for acquiring shares in an IUP/CCOW/COW target company
    4. necessary conditions precedent to be satisfied by the seller to the buyer
    5. conditions subsequent of an acquisition
    6. lock up period from offering third party
    7. target company’s assets and liabilities disclosure
    8. consideration for acquisition
    9. taxes and other charges
    10. management control on acquisition closing
    11. restriction for material changes in the target company business activities
    12. employment matters in relation to the acquisition
    13. indemnity and warranties by the seller to the buyer
    14. completion of a shares transfer
    15. acquisition closing
    16. cancellation of acquisition
    17. dispute resolution forum
    18. governing law

27-28, 2024

Early Bird : Rp 7,500,000 payment received before 7 February *) Including presentation materials, standard agreements, regulations, bag, etc. *) Cancellation Fee : 7 days before the event : 80%


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