ESG Series Part 1

Readiness of the Mining Industry in the Application of Concepts Integration the Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

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Thursday 16 September 2021, 14.00 – 16.00



Andin Untung,
Chairman of Esti Envi Passion


Indonesia is one of the countries that utilizes the wealth of natural resources. This industry is growing rapidly be it coal or minerals. Significantly explore and exploration of minerals in eastern Indonesia.

The Indonesian government strongly supports this business because it can have a positive impact on the country's foreign exchange income, but it can also have a negative impact on the environmental and social components.

The Government of Indonesia expressly regulates this negative environmental impact in the format of EIA documents or The Reclamation and Mine Closure Plan with all obligations that must be done. As is known at the 2005 Montreal Conference, on Climate Change, Deforestation is the largest contributor to climate change, in this case related to the mining industry. Indonesia itself responds to this by issuing PROPER rules and also tax carbon credit in the Sustainability report.

The latest developments, starting in the 2020s began to develop in European countries and the American concept of Environmental Social Governance (ESG). This concept integrates, labels and ratings the industry, including the thematic climate change compared to the 17 SDGs goal.

Investors will assess the business plan or what has been running whether to integrate ESG policies in their daily business activities. ESG has good development potential in Asia, including in Indonesia. In the ESG Investment report: Toward Sustainable Development in ASEAN and Japan mentioned 5 ASEAN countries supporting ESG for business investment. This will improve the positive business investment for Indonesia. For that reason, mining industry will enter a new era for the concept of integration 3 important things, namely Environmental, Social Governance (ESG).

This webinar will provide an overview of

  • How the mining industry is prepared when integrating the ESG concept.
  • Looking at ESG Integration concept investment is long-term sustainability
  • Case Study Scenario in the mining
  • How is the government's readiness to support the integrated ESG concept

Thursday, September 16.00, 2021
14.00 – 16.00, Jakarta Time


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