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The Drilling and Blasting industry has long been a cornerstone of modern mining operations, playing a critical role in extracting valuable resources from the earth. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the integration of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) into blasting practices presents both opportunities and challenges for industry professionals.

The purpose of this conference is to explore the transformative potential of digitalization and AI in drilling and blasting. By bringing together experts, practitioners, and innovators, we aim to foster dialogue, share insights, and collaborate on harnessing these technologies to optimize blasting operations. Traditionally, drilling and blasting have been viewed as essential but costly components of mining operations. However, with the advent of digitalization and AI, there is a paradigm shift underway. These technologies have the potential to not only streamline processes and reduce costs but also to significantly enhance productivity, safety, and ultimately profitability.

Despite all the digitalization and automation in drill and blast process, it still has its own challenges. This conference will explore on the potentials of automation and digitization in the various underground and open pit mining methods and the extent to which existing automation technology can be applied to each underground and open pit mining method, update you with the latest advances in drilling, rock breaking, bulk explosives, and initiating systems which are currently emerging in the market.

Key Discussion Areas:
  • Digitalization in Blasting Operations: Explore how digital technologies such as IoT sensors, drones, and advanced analytics are revolutionizing traditional blasting methods. Discuss the implementation of digital platforms for real-time monitoring, data collection, and analysis to optimize drilling and blasting parameters.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications: Examine the role of AI and machine learning algorithms in predictive modelling, blast design optimization, and automated decision-making processes. Discuss case studies and best practices for leveraging AI to improve fragmentation control, minimize environmental impact, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Safety and Risk Management: Address the integration of digitalization and AI tools in enhancing safety protocols and risk mitigation strategies. Explore how predictive analytics and AI-powered simulations can identify potential hazards, optimize blast designs for safer execution, and enhance workforce training and competency.
  • Could hosted based application for viewing current QA/QC data recorded and analytics related to historical blasts and storing blast-related documents.
  • Economic Considerations: Evaluate the economic implications of adopting digitalization and AI technologies in blasting operations. Discuss the initial investment costs, potential ROI, and long-term benefits in terms of productivity gains, resource optimization, and competitive advantage.
  • Regulatory and Environmental Compliance: Consider the regulatory challenges and environmental considerations associated with implementing digitalization and AI in blasting. Discuss strategies for ensuring compliance with regulations, mitigating environmental impacts, and fostering sustainable practices while embracing technological advancements.

  • Networking among drill and blast personnel national and globally;
  • Interpreting and utilizing the industry best practice rules on drilling and blasting;
  • Exploring the latest global technology and innovation trends: Online Ground vibration and air blast monitor, Laser profilers, Fragmentation image analysis systems, Ore movement prediction and analysis, Mine to Mill, Drones, Automation in drilling and charging, Machine Learning, Performance evaluation of drilling and blasting operations, Data collection, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and so on;
  • Optimizing costs with good blast designs and quality application using digital system;
  • Complying with regulations and legislation;
  • Managing environmental requirements for ground vibration, air blast, fly rock and fumes.

Target Participants

  • Directors (COO)/General Managers
  • Mine managers or KTT
  • Mine/Operation Managers
  • Drill and Blast Managers
  • Mining and Quarry Contractors
  • Mining Business Development
  • Geologists
  • Mine Inspectors (Government Officers)
  • Drill Suppliers
  • Drilling & Blasting Contractors
  • Explosives Suppliers
  • Researcher/Lecturer and Students
  • Drill and Explosives technology providers
  • Mining Consultant
  • Forward thinkers who keen to drive their Drill and Blast operations forward and stay head of the curve

PERHAPI (Indonesia Mining Professional Association) together with Petromindo.com (Indonesia’s leading energy news), ASPRODISPA (Association of Explosive Importer and Distributor) and IBES (Indonesia Blasting Engineer Society) are proudly hosted The 7th Drill and Blast Conference 2024.

This Conference has established since 2011 and recognized as one of the key international Drill and Blast events. We are excited to announce that the 7th series of this prestigious event will be held in:

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July 9th – 10th 2024


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