Webinar: Indonesia Solar Power Outlook

by Petromindo.com

Despite decreasing demand for electricity due to the Covid-19 outbreak, investment in the clean energy remain an important subject to be discussed. With abundant availability and decreasing trend in generation cost, solar power bestows large potentials for wide range of customers globally.

As one of emerging countries that need cheap energy for its people that are scattered in its archipelagic nation, Indonesian could tap solar energy for its future energy supply. However, there are challenges that are needed to be addressed such as integration, reliability, financing, and coal-availability in its pocket.

With these issues, we will held a webinar that will elaborate how solar PV will play in future Indonesia energy posture.

13.25 WIB Introduction & Opening
13.30 WIB Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources
“Opportunity in Indonesian Renewable Power Beyond 2020”
14.00 WIB PT PLN
14.35 WIB Outlook of Financing Solar Power in Emerging Economies
15.35 WIB Legal Framework in Current Indonesian Solar Power

Speakers: Kirana D. Sastrawijaya, Senior Partner, UMBRA

16.05-17.35 WIB Renewables’ Perspectives from the Investors & Players


  • 16.05-16.35 Eka Satria, President Director, Medco Power Indonesia
  • 16.35-17.05 Agussalim Igarashi, CEO, PT Panah Perak Megasarana

*WIB = Indonesian western time (GMT+7)

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Friday, October 9, 2020
1.30 Jakarta Time (GMT + 7)


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