Webinar on coal downstream

Investing in Coal Downstream industry: A recipe for the future of coal?

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

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The government has been pushing the country’s coal sector to develop downstream businesses to generate greater value from the commodity with coal is still expected to remain the main energy source for Indonesia, especially in the next 8-10 years, maybe even more.

It is projected coal consumption of domestic coal downstream industry could reach 36 million tons in 2030 when the planned 13 downstream projects have all been completed.

Holders of coal IUPs and IUPKs are required to carry out processing in order to increase the value added to the coal. The processing includes coal upgrading, coal liquefaction. coal briquetting, coal gasification, coke making and coal slurry.

The government has said that to avoid a slowdown in energy transition from fossil to new and renewable energy, it is urgent to accelerate the development of coal downstream industry so that coal can be utilized optimally and environmentally friendly.

The government also provides incentive packages for businesses who are committed to being involved in this program, such as reducing coal royalties specifically for coal gasification activities to 0 percent, the formulation of a special price for coal for coal-fired power plants at the mine mouth, the validity period of the IUP (coal mining license) according to the economic life of the gasification project.

The webinar would discuss the current development of the projects and views from the miners to enter the downstream project.

The webinar would cover among others:
  • Policy updates on coal downstream industry and appetite for investment opportunities in Indonesia
  • What are investment opportunities in coal downstream industry?
  • How can the downstream industry offer new solution to the future of the coal in Indonesia?
  • Which sectors will be the early beneficiaries of the coal downstream?
  • Banking and legal perspectives on coal downstream industry in Indonesia.
  • Investors’ perspective on the outlook for coal downstream industry.


14.00 Introduction and opening remarks
14.00 Government policy on coal downstream industry and investment opportunities in Indonesia
14.15 Key project financing for coal downstream industry in Indonesia – Banking’s perspective.
14.30 Shell Indonesia
14:45 Coal Gasification Project in Indonesia from legal perspective
15:05 Investors Perspective on the future of Coal downstream industry – What investors are seeking in investing in coal downstream sector?
15:30 End webinar

Thursday, October 20, 2022
14.00 – 15.30 Jakarta Time




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