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Coal & Metal Asia Magazine Vol 157

MNC Energy leads to stronger growth
South Sumatra Province owns abundant underexploited coal reserves and resources. Coal industry players in the province keep ramping up the coal production volume by developing logistics and infrastructure facilities.

OPINION | Bill Sullivan
Expansion of mining areas – New application guidelines
The Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources has recently issued a decree revising the guidelines for applications to expand certain mining concession areas.

Domestic market update and exploring the future coal demand in domestic market
The production of coal in Indonesia has been experiencing significant growth since 2020. This increase in production is not only accompanied by an uptick in export volumes but also by a surge in domestic coal consumption.

Coal optimism reigns amid uncertainties
Coal industry players expressed their optimistic view on the coal outlook in 2024 despite the volatility of the global economy and lingering geopolitical tensions. Both domestic and export markets are growing, particularly in developing countries, providing good prospects for Indonesian coal producers.

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