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Coal & Metal Asia Magazine Vol 159

PAMA excels at data-driven mining operations
Industry 4.0 era in mining industry leads to the implementation of data-driven decisionmaking in mining production operations. Digitalization is not only about the transition from paper-based to digital-based system, but it also becomes the key factor in determining the company’s competitive advantage.

Diversify or else
Coal will remain the crucial energy sources for a few decades to come, particularly in emerging Asia countries. On the other hand, as the energy transition push intensifies, coal industry players have to deal with more challenging situations. For coal industry players, diversifying the business seems to be the most reasonable solution.

PROFILE | Suryo Eko Hadianto
From farmer’s child to President Director
Upon starting his career in mining sector, Suryo Eko Hadianto felt offended by a sharp and skeptical phrase: “Mathematics in mining, what can it do his determination to advance in the mining industry.

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