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CoalMetal Asia Magazine Vol 130

OPINION | Bill Sullivan
Ministerial regulations - Trying to overcome the flip flop problem
Presidential approval is now required for at least some proposed ministerial regulations before they are finalized and issued.

ITU offers solutions during challenging period
The rebound of global industries during the year, after an unprecedented pandemic year in 2020, translates into commodity price hike. Global demand for mining commodities, particularly coal and nickel, soars while the supply side barely catches up the increasing demand.

Heavy equipment: Urgently needed
Soaring coal prices during the year have been supporting the much higher demand of heavy equipment in mining industry. While miners are rushing to ramp up output volume, most heavy equipment manufacturers cannot immediately deliver the needed supply due to prolonged pandemic.

APBI supports government carbon emission policies
The Indonesian Coal Mining Association (or APBI) with members accounting for about 80 percent of the country’s coal production said it will support the government’s carbon emission policies from the planned carbon tax to carbon neutrality.

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