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CoalMetal Asia Magazine Vol 150

OPINION | Bill Sullivan
Carbon exchange – IDX’s ambitious plans and regulatory limitations
The Indonesia Stock Exchange has outlined ambitious plans for its proposed additional role as the organizer of the new “Carbon Exchange” which is meant to facilitate the realization of Indonesia’s 2016 Paris Agreement commitment to significantlyreducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlocking carbon trading opportunities
In a bid to fulfill the energy transition agenda and net zero emission target, countries across the globe have been pursuing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a number of initiatives, which include a carbon trading mechanism. In Indonesia, carbon trading is a
relatively new venture, which needs to be fully unlocked to reveal many opportunities for further development.

JAMMIN strives for more sustainable business
The fast-moving changes in energy and mining industry requires industry players to adapt in order to stay relevant. The growing trend of energy transition and more sustainable economic development across the world make energy and mining industry players have to find solutions in reducing its carbon footprints.

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