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CoalMetal Asia Magazine Vol 152

OPINION | Bill Sullivan
Carbon trading and forestry sector – New regulation
The new regulation continues the process of moving forward with the creation of a comprehensive regulatory environment for carbon trading in Indonesia, which process is transitioning from general regulations on carbon trading, that are applicable to business actors in
all industry sectors/subsectors.

Coal resilience in bearish market
As coal prices have shown a downturn since the second half of 2022, the global coal demand is projected to remain stubbornly strong in 2023. It is mainly because the robust economic growth in emerging and developing countries in Asia, which supports the global coal

Asa Karya Multipratama ready to blast
Mining industry in Indonesia keeps growing, including coal mining, as the demand for reliable and affordable electricity increases in developing countries. Indonesia ramps up the coal production target up to 694 million tons this year, or an additional 31 million tons
compared to the previous year’s target of 663 million tons.

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