BRIN, SANTI partner to advance biomethane and bioenergy technologies

The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has joined forces with PT Sahabat Nusantara Teknologi Inovasi (SANTI) to foster advancements in biomethane and bioenergy technologies.

Haznan Abimanyu, the Head of the Energy and Manufacturing Research Organization at BRIN, highlighted in a recent statement that transforming waste into valuable resources paves the way for growth in the green economy sector. This collaboration between BRIN and SANTI is focused on developing technologies for a downstream biomethane industry, biofuels from agricultural and plantation waste, and biofuels derived from energy crops.

Furthermore, the partnership encompasses the development of technologies related to the bioenergy industry, including a bioenergy pilot project to evaluate technological and commercial viability, along with research and development aimed at optimizing feedstock for the upstream bioenergy sector.

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This initiative is designed to pool knowledge, resources, and efforts to forge sustainable solutions for prevailing challenges.  “The essence of this collaboration is expected to generate new breakthroughs in the efficient utilization of natural resources,” Haznan remarked during the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony at the B.J. Habibie Science and Technology Area in South Tangerang on January 31.

In the face of intricate global challenges, Haznan stressed the necessity of collaborative research and innovation to devise solutions. "This partnership marks a historic milestone in the realm of research and innovation," he added.

Yusuf Reza Shahab, the Director of SANTI, pointed out that investment in green energy promises long-term benefits, including pollution reduction, clean infrastructure development, climate change mitigation, enhanced resource efficiency, and an improved standard of living for Indonesians.

The collaboration with BRIN is a strategic endeavor to develop and optimally utilize innovative technology. Yusuf expressed optimism that the combined expertise and resources of both entities would augment the use of sustainable energy by maximizing the potential of renewable energy sources.

"This partnership is expected to yield considerable benefits, aiding Indonesia in meeting its national energy requirements through green economic growth," Yusuf concluded.

Editing by Reiner Simanjuntak

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