ECONNECT Energy offers LNG, renewables solutions for Indonesia

Source: ECONNECT Energy
Source: ECONNECT Energy

By Rikordias Siahaan

Norwegian company ECONNECT Energy is offering innovative and competitive solutions for marine energy transfer including LNG for the Indonesian market.

ECONNECT Energy, formerly Connect LNG, offers a unique transfer system of LNG or other fluids from a ship to onshore or offshore receiving terminal without a jetty by using its IQuay Jettyless Transfer technology.

IQuay Jettyless Transfer is a floating and mobile platform designed to perform the function of a conventional jetty but with less civil engineering impact to the sea environment and cheaper. The solution can be used for LNG and other fluids.

Source: ECONNECT Energy

"By avoiding civil works in the shoreline, less concrete and less damages made to the environment, our solution has competitive advantages in easier permits, shorter leadtime and of course less investment," said Morten Christophersen, CEO of ECONNECT Energy AS to in a recent interview.

"At the moment our floating systems are being used for LNG transfer but our solutions are ready for future energy commodities such as ammonia and adaptable for hydrogen," he further elaborated.

Magnus Eikens, Chief Commercial Officer of ECONNECT Energy AS explained that IQuay is a fit solution for energy projects that must comply with strict environmental regulations and is cheaper than conventional jetty. The IQuay can be applied to a wide range of vessels and terminals, for loading and unloading, transferring LNG, ammonia, CO2, hydrogen or any other fluid.

Eikens also explained how IQuay Jettyless Transfer is suitable for Indonesia where diesel-fired power plants are currently undergoing fuel conversion program.

"Our standard solution for LNG is very suitable for Indonesia, where many islands have shallow shorelines and this is where our LNG solutions can come in," Magnus said.

The ECONNECT Jettyless Solution has been used in offshore of Langesund southern Norway and Herøya - one of Norway's largest industrial parks.

Editing by Reiner Simanjuntak

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