PT PLN (persero

Start date: August 26, 2019 End date: October 25, 2019

PT PLN (persero


Invitation for Expression of Interest

For Consultancy Services

For Four Hydro Electric Power Projects on the Islands of Papua and Sulawesi

1000 Islands - Renewable Energy for Electrification Program (REEP), Phase ll

PT PLN (Persero) hereby invites qualitied independent consultants to submit a prequaliication document for consulting services required. Funds have been earmarked for this project by the German Bilateral Financial Cooperation, provided through KtW Development Bank.

The Project Implementation Consultant (PIC) services are divided into 2 phases:

Stage I :  Project Development

Stage ll : Project Implementation

Main tasks of the Project Implementation Consultant (PIC) among others but not limited to:


Services of Stage I-Project Development

Stage I covers the services required to develop the detailed design and conduct the tender process for procurement of the contractors (Civil and E&M) in the course of implementation of the four Hydro Electric Power Project.


Services of Stage Il - Project Implementation

Stage ll covers the services of supervision of the contractors to realise the the four Hydro Electric Power Projects. The Consultant acts as PIC on taking over responsibility for construction/working design and drawings for the civil works and review of designs for all other works. He shall carry out the construction supervision and contract management for construction, erection and commissioning of all components of HEPPS forthe entire implementation phase until commissioning, Project Acceptance Certificate (PAC), Commercial Operation Date (COD) and Final Acceptance Certiticate (FAC). He shall review, supervise and follow up the contractors design, implementation schedule and prepare the required documents and certiticates.


The consultancy services shall be carried out in close consultéion with PLN and KfW in all aspects of the assignment.

1. The Deadline of Submission Prequalihfication Document : October 25, 2019 at 03:00 PM

(Western Indonesian Time)

2. Interest Consultant can obtain detail Expression of Interest by request to email address below.

3. Name and address :

Tender Agent :

Dr. Volker Spork (Tender Agent)

Sonnenweg 3

D-99092 Erfurt


Email :

Cc : 1. Mr. Rusdi Karim (,

2. Mr. Ferry Syauki (,