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What is Petromindo?

Petromindo, standing for petroleum, mineral of Indonesia, is an information service on Indonesian petroleum and mining on the Internet. Given the close connection of the petroleum and mining sectors with power sector, it also provides information on power.

Petromindo aims to support the development of Indonesian petroleum, mining, and power sectors. It helps the company executives of the industries in their daily activities amid the changing political environment of Indonesia; promotes Indonesian petroleum, mines, and power investment opportunities to outside Indonesia; helps students and analysts to understand the industries.

Petromindo will become the single and most comprehensive source of news and information on Indonesian petroleum, mines, and power.

Petromindo provides:

  • Daily news on petroleum, mining and power from around Indonesia. The daily news on the industries published by most leading newspapers and magazines across the country are presented in English brief news format. Aside from representing the press reports, we also provide exclusive news collected by our reporters

  • Daily news on Indonesian economic and political affairs. The daily news on Indonesian political and economic affairs published by most leading newspapers and magazines across the country are compiled and presented in English brief news format.

  • Complete press releases sent by petroleum, mining and power companies

  • Rumors on the industries.

  • In-depth analysis on petroleum, mining, and power.

  • Updated directory of petroleum, mining, and power companies.

  • Updated directory of governmental officials across Indonesia regulating and supervising the industries.

  • Updated regulations on the industries issued by both the central and provincial governments. Our database contains either the official English translation of the regulations by the government, or their English translation by competent experts hired by us.

  • Profiles of the main petroleum and mining provinces.

  • While some of Petromindo is free to access, the most valuable information is reserved for subscribers.

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