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Tender Announcement
PetroChina International Jabung, Ltd

PETROCHINA INTERNATIONAL JABUNG, LTD., as a production-sharing contractor of BPMIGAS and as the operator of the Jabung Block, Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia, herein invites interested, fully-qualified and experienced companies, and formal joint ventures having a successful history of completing similar work, and possessing ac necessary permits, certificates arid registrations required by the Government of Indonesia or as otherwise set out in this announcement, to register for participation in the following Tender Process:
Design and Supply of the BGP Mercury Removal Unit (MRU)
Registration Reference BCD-355-CA
The contractor will be responsible for alt necessary detailed design engineering and procurement, fabrication, transportation activities, and on-site re-assembly of the MRU package on Company-supplied foundations at PetroChina’s Betara Complex Development, Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. The work and supplied equipment will include the following:
• Inlet Filter Coalescer with filter elements (PALL Filtration or equal) and instrumentation
• Mercury Removal Fixed Bed Adsorber Vessel and first-fill adsorbent) design must be based on either Axens CMG 273 OR Johnson Matthey Puraspec 1163 non-regenerable Presulfided Metal Oxide Adsorbent)
• All associated instrumentation interconnect piping and valves designed and fabricated to ANSI B31.3
• Dust Filter with Filter Elements and differential pressure transmitter
• All associated design engineering, procurement, fabrication, delivery and re-assembly at Company’s South Sumatera work location, on Company-provided foundations.
• Process Performance guarantee
Qualification: non-small business; Classification: Projects; Sub classification: Onshore Production Facilities (or other suitable Project sub-classification) Selected bidders will have a minimum of 7 years of experience in fabrication of large diameter (> 3.4 meters) heavy wall thickness (> 60 mm) ASME Section VIII Division 1 or 2, “U” stamped/MIGAS certified pressure vessels of corrosion resistant alloy steel or carbon steel for Oil and Gas production companies, and this type of work will be the major segment of bidder’s core business. Bidder must be able to offer a design utilizing either Axens CMG 273 or Johnson Matthey Puraspec 1163 mercury adsorbent, and must possess multi-discipline capabilities to complete the design, procurement and field assembly of the MRU package including piping. instrument and electrical installation, Bidders will be expected to possess or enlist services from specialists Filter Coalescer and Mercury Adsorbent technology suitable for developing a process design and process performance guarantee for a system to remove mercury (from 100 micrograms per Nm3 to 10 nanograms per Nm3) from high pressure natural gas with up to 40% CO2 using one of the two Company approved adsorbents selected by bidder.
Capable and qualified contractors interested in participating in a competitive tender for supplying this equipment are invited to register their interest by submitting the following documents f or PetroChina initial review:
1. Original letter on Registrant’s company letterhead with complete description of the registrant’s company with full name, address and contact details of the individual responsible for tire Registrants expression of interest submittal:
2. Copies of, the following documents:
• Valid professional certificate, KADIN, MIGAS (SKT) and NPWP certificates
• Valid SIUP or UT Certificate
• Valid IUJK Cetificate (for SIUP holders)
• Notarial Deed (Akte Pendirian Perusahaan)
3. List with detailed description of similar work successfully completed with Process Licensed packages curing the past 7 years with full Client-contact details, contractors specific role/scope. Process Licensor used and portions of work Sub-contracted for each listed project.
Registration Deadline:
Contractors interested in being considered for this tender process must submit ALL of the above documents and information no later than Monday, 13 April 2009, between the hours of 08:00 and 15:00, Tuesday through Friday at the following address:
Reference BCD-355-CA
Bid Committee
PetroChina International Jabung, Ltd.
Menara Kuningan, 18th Floor. JI. HR. Rasuna Said Blok X-7, Kav. 5. Jakarta
Those Registrants found to be initially qualified on the basis of Company’s review of the above information. will be invited to receive the Stage 1. Technical and Administration Tender Documents

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