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Tender Announcement
Mobil Cepu Ltd.

Mobil Cepu Ltd.
Mobil Cepu Ltd. (MCL), an ExxonMobil Subsidiary (Operator), acting as a PSC Contractor of BPMIGAS for the Cepu Block in Central and East Java, intends to solicit proposals for the scope of work listed herein:
Coating and Insulation of 20” line pipe and induction bends. The General Scope of Work is as follows:
1) Receipt and storage of 3 lots of line pipe and 1 lot of bends:
- 72 km of onshore line pipe
- 23 km of offshore line pipe
- 5.5 km of HDD and accessories
- Pre-fabricated induction bends
All the above will be supplied by Others. This will consist of multiple shipments from multiple suppliers.
2) Application of FBE anti-corrosion coating and insulation system (PUF insulation protected by HDPE) complete with water stops to 72 km of onshore line pipe (20” x 0.375” API 5L X-60 PSL2 SAW-H)
3) Application of concrete weight coating on 13 km of coated/insulated line pipe under item 2 above
4) Application of anti-corrosion coating and insulation system on 2 km of HDD/accessories pipe (20” x 0.500 wall API 5L X-60 PSL2 SAW-L)
5) Application of anti-corrosion coating and insulation system on up to 115 induction bends
6) Preservation and storage of item 2-5 above, for free-issuance to MCL s EPC2 Contractor
7) Preservation and storage of 23 km of bare offshore line pipe and balance of HDD/accessories pipe and bends for free-issuance to MCL s EPC3 Contractor
Note : Successful supplier may be required to store/dispatch pipes and bends for an extended amount of time on Company s behalf to the EPC Contractors.
Contract is expected to be made in 2nd Quarter 2010. The Line Pipe Coating and Insulation, including preservation and storage, shall be completed and ready for delivery within 8 months of Contract Award.
A Pre-Qualification. process will be conducted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia (BPMIGAS Operations Guidelines N” 007 Revisi-1/PTK/IX/2009, etc.). Only Bidders who pass the Pre-Qualification process will be invited to bid.
Bidder must have recent relevant experience in providing similar line pipe coating and insulation for the oil and gas industries. In addition the Bidder must also meet the following minimum criteria:
1. Bidder shall have Business Permit in category of Large (SIUP Besar).
• Activities Section (Bidang Usaha) : “General Services”
• Group (Sub-bidang) : Anti-Corrosion Coating or Insulation System or equivalent
2. Bidder shall commit to achieve the minimum Domestic Content (TKDN) of 35%.
3. The successful bidder shall be able to apply the required coating and insulation system onto the line pipe to be provided by others. No partial or split awards will be considered in this tender process
4. Have performed/installed similar coating and insulation systems on other projects.
5. Can provide evidence of successful completion of similar jobs or successful testing to meet Company requirements - This includes CDT tests and100-day tests
6. Have adequate financial capability to participate in the bid
7. Have certified quality control program and established SHE programs
Interested applicants must register an expression of interest by submitting the following:
- Application letter to participate.
- Valid copies of SKT Migas, SIUP and NPWP.
- Statement letter of commitment to achieve minimum Domestic Content of 35% signed by authorized person with sufficient duty stamp (material).
Registration is open from 06-January-2010 through 08-January-2010 every working day from 08:00 AM to 14:00 PM at the following address:
Mobil Cepu Ltd.
Wisma GKBI Ground Floor (Sealed Bid Administrator)
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman N” 28,
Jakarta 10210, Indonesia
Attention: Secretary of Procurement Committee
Ref. N”: PRE-Q WS1698232 - Coating and Insulation Services for Line Pipe
Registration outside of the dates shown above and/or via fax will be disqualified.
Pre-Qualification Questionnaires can be picked up at the time of registration. The Participation Confirmation must be submitted at the latest by 15-January-2010 15:00 PM. The Registration Form along with other Pre-Qualification forms and requested data are to be completed and returned no later than 20-January-2010 11:30 AM.
This invitation to pre-qualify for the tender process is not an invitation to tender. MCL is neither committed nor obligated to undertake or complete this Pre-Qualification process or the work described or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation or other company on any tender lists, or to award any form(s) of contract. The invitation to tender and full tendering information will be sent only to companies that have been pre-qualified. MCL will not make any form of payment for submissions presented in response to this notice.
Jakarta, 05-January-2010
Secretary of Procurement Committee
Mobil Cepu Ltd.

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