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CoalMetal Asia Magazine Vol 148

IDT Trans Energy adapts for solutions
Shipping and logistic industry offers lucrative opportunities in Indonesia as it is the backbone of national and international seaborne markets, particularly for commodity sector. However, the volatile environment of commodity market requires shipping and logistic industry players to have the ability to adapt.

Unraveling Sumatra coal challenges
Having total coal reserves of more than 12 billion tons, Sumatra region should have produced coal at higher level than it can realize now. But due to a number of challenges, which are mainly concerned with transportation, the coal output from Sumatra region is lower than 100  million tons per year.

OPINION | Singgih Widagdo
Revised HBA, the best option
When it comes to energy, cost isn’t everything - but it’s a lot. Everybody wants cheap power (Jeff Goodell)

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