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PT Archi Indonesia; Security Supervisor

Posting date: September 06, 2021 Expiry date: September 20, 2021

PT Archi Indonesia; Security Supervisor

PT Archi Indonesia is a wholly Indonesian Owned Mining company and part of the Rajawali Group of companies. The company owns the successful Toka Tindung Gold Mine in North Sulawesi. We employ over2000 people directly and through our contractors. Toka Tindung mine has a strong track record of safety, environment and social responsibility, and delivering positive results to our stakeholders.

The Company is developing a new mining project on our Contract of work and is currently seeking expressions of interest from qualified and experienced professional staff.  Note we are seeking applicants living in North Sulawesi province, because the positions are residential based in Manado.


(Location: WestCo Project, Talawaan)


• Hold coordination meetings and regularly inspects subordinates during shift;

• Plans the patrolling assignments of all security officers in his/her shift and conduct review the implementations and effectiveness;

• Prepares shift schedules in order to ensure continuous coverage;

• Investigates and/or reports hazards, unusual or suspicious circumstances to Security Project Dept Head for correction or follow- up actions;

• Assists any persons in or outside of buildings needing directions or general information;

• Coordinates response to alarms and dispatched calls, decides what actions to take based on situation, facts known and position limitations;

• Assist police officers with crowd control and surveillance, developing early warning system to detect and anticipate any potential security disturbance against project;

• Assist Project emergency response team in responding to varying emergency situations within the Project;

• Perform close order drill as part of a small group or larger formed body of people;

• Maintain uniform and accoutrements in neat and clean condition to comply with National Police Standard;

• Provides and/or implements security and security protocols for all assigned facilities and information systems;

• Takes proactive steps to provide a safe and secure working environment to staff and visitors;

• Provides specialized security for and monitors access to limited and restricted access areas such as inventory areas, network equipment areas, and employee files and confidential records;

• Conducts regular walk-throughs and security inspections for assigned facilities;

• Where government projects are involved, serves as a liaison to government agencies concerning project security; assists with security clearance processing for employees working on government classified programs;

• Performs other related duties as assigned.


1. Minimum high school with 5 years experience as Security Supervisor, or Diploma and above with 3 years experience as Security Supervisor;

2. Passed Advanced Security Training (Pendidikan Lanjutan Gada Madya/Utama);

3. Extensive knowledge of security protocol and procedures;

4. Involve to deliver and promotes law and security awareness in the field;

5. Excellent management and supervisory skills;

6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

7. Able to provide training on security policies and procedures;

8. Able to work with confidential and classified information;

9. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software;

10. Good Communication Skill;

11. Fluent in English is an advantage;

12. Able to demonstrate the awareness of corporate safety & environmental.

Qualified applicants residing in Villages neighbouring at Westco Project Site, North Sulawesi will be our priority. Please submit your documents not later than September 13th, 2021, by scanning below barcode use your Phone Camera/Barcode Scanner application or link: https://cutt.ly/recruitment_archi_indo

Human Capital Department

September 06th, 2021

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