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Rimau Group; SPV Trainer A2B

Posting date: January 14, 2022 Expiry date: January 28, 2022

Rimau Group; SPV Trainer A2B

RIMAU GROUP is owner company for coal mining, shipping, and trading company.

Coal Mining : PT. Senamas Energindo Mineral & PT. Rimau Energindo Mining

Shipping: PT. Rimau Shipping & PT. Tri Sukses Wanatama

Website: www.rimaushipping.com ; www.trisukseswanatama.com

Trading: PT. Tunas Binatama Lestari

Restaurant: Wang Dynasty

Huge mineable asset drive us to growth our capacity & market expansion in Indonesia. We realise our long term aspiration to be the integrated & sinergic company is a power to growth in heart of Rimau Group.

RIMAU GROUP employees positively impact the lives of millions. We commit to innovation, safety, and competitive advantages. So, we wait you to answer our challenge & chance, with proven performance &  capacity to grow. A fun professional environment & attractive benefits package make RIMAU GROUP an employer of choice.

Rimau Shipping is a company engaged in shipping services specializing in tug boats and barges. Rimau Shipping provides transportation services for coal, sand, broken stone, iron ore and nickel products in all regions of Indonesia. Shipping Rimau Group has five subsidiaries that involve in shipping company such as : PT. Tri Sukses Wanatama. PT. Rimau Shipping, PT. Pelayaran Bahtera Jaya, PT. Trans Buana Sejahtera and PT. Rimau Bahtera Shipping. One of Shipping Rimau Group's subsidiaries is PT. Rimau Shipping which was established on September 19, 2011. Find us in www.rimaushipping.com ; www.trisukseswanatama.com

People is our investation. You’ll be selected based on your competencies and needs of company. If you’re the right people, right skill, right place & right time, Let’s join with our winning team & Let’s we can growth together.

SPV Trainer A2B

Kriteria :

- Memiliki pengetahuan tentang Alat-alat mekanis seperti Dump Truck, ADT, Bulldozer, Excavator, Wheel Loader, Grader, Compactor, LV dll

- Bisa mengoperasikan dengan baik alat-alat tersebut diatas

- Bisa Mengoperasikan MS Office

- Memiliki Attitude yang baik

- Dapat berkomunikasi dan bekerjasama dengan baik

- Mempunyai leadership yang baik

Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab :

- Melakukan analisa kebutuhan training perusahaan

- Melakukan perencanaan kegiatan pelatihan (topik, peserta, waktu, trainer, dll) dan alokasi tugas kepada staff/officer/trainer

- Mengkoordinasikan dan melakukan kontrol atas pelaksanaan training

- Melakukan evaluasi efektivitas pelatihan

- Mengembangkan silabus dan membuat materi training

- Melakukan review silabus dan metode pelatihan untuk meningkatkan efektivitas pelatihan

- Menyampaikan materi training (menjalankan fungsi sebagai trainer)

- Melakukan test pada saat recruitment

Send Your CV to : satria@rimaugroup.com

CC :    hrdrecruitment.rimaugroup@outlook.com

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