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PT Vale Indonesia; Senior Geotechnical & Hydrology Engineer

Posting date: March 24, 2023 Expiry date: April 07, 2023

PT Vale Indonesia; Senior Geotechnical & Hydrology Engineer

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Position: Senior Geotechnical & Hydrology Engineer

Work Location: Bungku Timur and Pomalaa

Regional/National Recruitment: Woman and Man

Purpose of the Role:

Develop and improve the effectiveness of the geotechnical, hydrology assessment, operational control for slope stability, bearing capacity, soil improvement/reinforcement related with pits, quarry, disposal or waste dumps, dykes, screening station, main haul roads, retaining wall, mine facilities and infrastructures, outer mining and hydrology exposure by providing comprehensive engineering designs and recommendations to controls and mitigate risk, while delivering maximum sustainable value and compliance with government regulation and EHS aspects.


1. Implement and supervise Environment, Health, Safety, and Risk (EHSR) standards and regulations by ensuring working environmental conditions, equipment, materials, methods, worker behavior, and 5S under area responsibility with the aim of minimizing risk, achieving safe and secure conditions (Zero Harm), clean environment, and achieved work productivity targets.

2. Implement and establish policies and regulations from Department of Energy and Mineral Resources according to Ministry Decree No. 1827 K 30 MEM 2018 to achieve mining best practice mainly related with geotechnical aspects.

3. Conduct advanced geotechnical statics and dynamics analysis with emphasize on slope stability, bearing capacity, disposals, mine haul roads, screening station and other mining infrastructures or permanent facilities for the Development Project to ensure the proper analysis of geotechnical statics and dynamics.

4. Develop and review procedures or standards for geotechnical engineering design for slope stability, bearing capacity, soil improvement/reinforcement and others which would include recognized strong and coherent geotechnical concept, methods and software for the Development Project to ensure effectiveness of engineering design.

5. Improve and support the effectiveness of geotechnical works to support Mine Operation and Engineering.

6. Develop analysis and strategic plan for hydrology infrastructures and control facilities (ponds or others) projects for the Development Project to meet Government regulations and standards.

7. Collaborate and support the effectiveness of geotechnical and hydrology engineering design and construction execution for the Development Projects.

8. Maintains harmonious relations with regional and national Directorate Energy and Mine Resources Department, to ensure effective implement and compliance with Government Regulation to support production levels through maintaining the smooth, effective and efficient flow of goods within the overall statutory requirements.

9. Work closely with Vale Technical Excellence Centre, Vale Base Metals and geotechnical/hydrology consultant to develop and implement continuous improvement and strategic program for geotechnical/hydrology engineering design and constructions.

Technical Specializations:

1. Good in English both oral and written.

2. Confidently make judgment & analysis based on reliable geotechnical investigations, field conditions & regulations even if those analysis & decisions are quite different with current practices.

3. Competent to combine geotechnical best practices, historical geotechnical failures, and mining engineering aspect to solve current problems.

4. Able to establish system of tracking & monitoring reliability of slope stability & bearing capacity analysis.

5. Deep Understanding of Mine Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Environment and Chemical treatment in Compliance with Government regulation

6. Good Understanding in Operating Cost and Capital preparation

7. Project Management Skills

8. Scope and Deliverable Development


1. Bachelor Degree (S1) in Civil/Mine Engineering

2. Minimum 5 - 8 years working experience in geotechnical and hydrological

3. The Firstline Operation Supervisor certificate (Pengawas Operational Pratama)

4. Willing to be placed in all company sites.

How to apply:

• Please submit your application to: https://valeforms.valeglobal.net/public?id=eLbGVMDAaCZw9HZk8MiBxA%3D%3D&lang=en-US

Closing date (inclusive) is on 03 April 2023

• Only applicants that meet requirements with complete documents as required above will be notified for further selection process.

• Only applicants that meet requirements with complete documents as required above will be notified for further selection process.

• We are hoping for gender equality, so having a good number of female applicants will be important, therefore we encourage female applicant to apply for this position.

• For further information about PT Vale Indonesia Tbk please visit http://www.vale.com/indonesia.

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