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Thiess; 10 Positions; 2 of 4 ads

Posting date: January 27, 2023 Expiry date: February 10, 2023

Thiess; 10 Positions; 2 of 4 ads

Our people are central to our success.

With a global business, we offer diverse and rewarding careers. We are committed to Thiess being a company and a culture where great people can excel and where they are developed and supported to reach their highest potential.

Join our team of industry leaders – because with us, your skills, knowledge and experience will make a difference to the benefit of our clients, communities and project partners.

About us

With a history since 1934, Thiess is the world’s largest mining services provider. We offer the widest range of in-house surface and underground mining capabilities in leading commodities across Australia, Botswana, Canada, Chile, Indonesia and Mongolia. Every day, we optimize the mining lifecycle to create lasting value.

Thiess has a long journey of more than 30 years in Indonesia providing mining services for various projects and clients with head office in Jakarta and support facilities in Balikpapan including workshops and training center.

We are seeking experienced people for the following positions:

Specialist Purchasing (927756)


In this role you will:

•  Be responsible for purchasing of goods according to the needs of projects base on the user’s requirement and as per specified lead time.

•  Be responsible for ordering process for all Thiess Australian Mining Sites start from RFQ, OR, approval, generating and release PO to Suppliers.

•  Implement procurement standard as per TAM Purchasing SOP and Thiess Procurement policy.

•  JDE Housekeeping (No outstanding open OR and No outstanding unmatched Invoices).

•  APWF - Process and close all invoice monthly based on monthly target

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Associate’s Degree of any major with minimum of 5-year experience in similar role

•  Good Communication in English skill (writing & speaking)

•  Good understanding in Global Purchasing Process.

•  On-time Delivery of Work (Ordering Lead Time performance).

•  Spare Parts & Components of Heavy Equipment knowledge.

•  Familiar with MS Office & ERP Knowledge / Oracle JDE

•  JDE Procurement module

•  Cost analysis and evaluation

Specialist Failure Analysis (928138)


In this role you will:

•  Generate technical analysis for heavy equipment component reliability and review for the best conclusion & solution

•  Set up preventive & corrective action plan internally with all CRC leaders for the approved warranty issues

•  Generate report for component failure below 75% of life and register all the failure modes in simplified reason. The 25% of life failures is priority

•  Cooperate with other Plant team regarding the Corrective Action Management database

•  In broader terms, collaborate with the Site Support or Reliability team to have discussion/inspection to see the best solution for component problem

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum Technical High School in heavy equipment department

•  Minimum 3 years experienced in heavy duty equipment maintenance management

•  Strong understanding in the process of rebuilding Caterpillar Engine and Power Train components, as well as mechanical technology

•  Excel in analytical skills and understanding of various methods of Root Cause Analysis

•  Excellent in technical writing both in English & Bahasa Indonesia

•  Good verbal communication in English and Indonesian

•  Good in Microsoft Office application

EOI Surveyor (928140)


In this role you will:

•  Assisting Senior Surveyor Hub in providing survey data processing and reporting services to mining project

•  Process and reconcile survey data with agreed standard, data quality, and timeline.

•  Work with Survey operational team for the implement of survey standard and procedure to meet data integrity and standard operational.

•  Manage and monitor the operational use of survey equipment on site in order to make sure the equipment always in agreed quality and standard, it includes on finding on equipment defect on site

•  Be responsible in maintaining and review operational of drone thru flight log for maintenance purposes.

•  Manage centralize of survey asset procurement and logistic process across project

•  Encourage employees to work safely, productively, efficiently, and effectively as an integrated team.

•  Agreed with standard work requirement and timely manner

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Applicants should have a minimum degree in Surveying/ Geodetic Engineering with 3 years’ experience as Surveyor

•  Proficient in construction technology, Engineering and Surveying Principles, Surveying Equipment and applications, Engineering and Surveying software, industry standards and best practice, HS&E, Surveying and Engineering software, and computer data management and manipulation; should understand various types of highway construction components such as substructure, superstructure, embankment etc.; understand and implement the Design & Project Management Plan; understand the approval process for Design Approvals; team culture and experience in design management;

•  Accordance with the Standards, Specifications, Schedules, QA/QC, Safety, Environmental and Program requirements and are within budgeted cost levels.

•  Independent and mature personality, self-motivated, results driven and good negotiation skills; high initiative; performance driven; good planning skill; good communication skills and proficient in written and spoken English.

Technician Fleet Management System (928141)


In this role you will:

•  Providing the service to design, install, manage, and configuration the FMS Hardware

•  Providing the service to design, install, manage, and configure the Inpit Connectivity to meet the FMS Operational standard

•  Providing the capabilities to maintain the Hardware inventory and also maintenance of Hardware with Vendor to meet the deliverable time

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Have capability as to Install FMS Network and Hardware

•  Good understanding on Coal Mining or Other Mineral Mining Operation

•  Good Knowledge of Fleet Management Systems (preferable Jigsaw)

•  Good Analysis skill especially with numbers, calculation and demonstrate high excel skill

•  Good English Skill and confident to communicate in English

Coordinator ICT & FMS (928144)


In this role you will:

•  Lead and manage the implementation of Hardware FMS and Inpit Connectivity across Thiess Indonesia

•  Making sure the operational/installation Hardware and Connectivity meeting the operational FMS standard quality

•  Quarterly system/contract performance review with Vendors

•  Work collaborately with Remote Operational Center and Technology hub to make sure the operational excellence of FMS Technology on site

•  Coordinate with FMS Provider (Hexagon/ Wenco/ etc.) related to Technology Implementation

•  Monitor pit network to support remote operation

•  SCheck FMS server condition

•  Auditing payload sensor to ensure correct data recording to the system

•  Auditing and initiate corrective action for Vehicle health sensors

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Have Bachelor's in engineering

•  6 years experiences in Fleet Management System (FMS) Installation and Network Connectivity

•  Good understanding in FMS Hardware and IoT

•  Good understanding in Inpit Connectivity

•  Good understanding on Fleet management system (Hexagon or Wenco), new mining technology, mining operation

•  Has project management, FMS network and hardware installation capabilities good understanding on coal mining or other mineral mining operation

•  Good leadership and English communication skill

•  Good Analysis skill especially with numbers, calculation and demonstrate high excel skill

In this role, you will:

•  Lead the Supervisor crew in team to ensure that the team achieves objectives

•  Meet with Superintendent to discuss previous shift & to plan next shift at least one hour prior to start of shift. Including R&R and shift change rosters, check for fast, efficient shift change and make sure it is a complete account of what happened during the shift

•  Take disciplinary action if an employee breaches company regulation swift action, especially on safety violations is most important.

•  Promote in using PPE correctly and properly in workplace to employee and taken place a disciplinary action for any PPE misuse.

•  Ensure the traffic sign is installed on required area proper and correctly. Especially on intersection and when there is a breakdown unit on the road.

•  Implementation of standard of safety berm and width of the road.

•  Doing fit for work check, reporting and follow up if any fatigue report.

•  Socialize JSEAs or procedures to employees and ensure the procedure is understood and the JSEAs communication sign off to those get involved.

•  Report if any incident directly to supervisor and to safety as soon as possible.

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Senior High School or Graduate from Tertiary Degree in Mine Engineering or related discipline.

•  Minimum of 5 years previous experience in a similar role experience in large open cut mining operation in Nickel of which at least one or two years in production/service supervision

•  Comprehensive knowledge in mining equipment.

•  Can operate mining equipment’s

•  Certified in POP

EOI Supervisor Mining (928150)

In this role, you will:

•  Coordinate all Leading Hand Nickel, Operators and employees Mining Crew in the workplace of the removal of overburden/interburden in a safe, effective manner on time and within budget

•  Achieve daily targets of machine utilization and ensure that crews are achieving productivity target for their area

•  Discuss and assist senior supervisor for the issue from previous shift and to plan next shift

•  Ensure all personnel are delivered to their workplace on time

•  Do a pre shift inspection of the mining and dumping areas

•  Do a weekly walk around inspection of the designated area of responsibility

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum Senior High School grade same experience with minimum 5 years in large open cut mining operation/mining heavy industries

•  Understand with the current mine plan and future deployment of equipment within area of responsibility

•  Able to operate mining equipments

•  You should be able to work under deadlines, be fast paced and mobile, have strong motivation, organize and provide direction to employees, have effective communication, good team work and leadership skill.

•  Certified in POP

EOI Supervisor Training (928151)

In this role you will:

•  Train and assess mining operations personnel in all aspects to achieve maximum productivity in a safe environment

•  Manage coordination of operator training & on job assessment necessary for mining operation personnel to develop their skill on various equipment currently operating at TCI Mining Project to achieve best performance on mining operation productivity

•  Ensure the delivery of training program and competency database record is within the highest quality and accordance to TCI procedure

•  Ensure mine operator trainer are focused and constantly providing training and assessment in accordance with TMS and operator logbook competency criteria

•  Assist in the design of driver assessment material which is relevant to used competency standards and provide suggestion for improvements

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum graduated from Senior High School/ vocational school or similar with minimum of 10 years’ experience within the mining and/or construction industry as a HE Operator; 5 years’ experience as a mining operations trainer or supervisor; has knowledge of heavy equipment operational & technical; familiar with Heavy earth moving equipment operator codes including truck and/or excavator/dozer/grader/wheel loader; Highway truck codes; Certificate IV in Workplace Training; POP Certification.

•  Strong communication skills (written & verbal); facilitation skills; presentation skills; have self-confident, familiar with work in under pressure and computer literacy

EOI Supervisor Plant (928152)

In this role, you will:

•  Ensure that the maintenance department goals are achieved, by following the procedures set out in the TGS

•  Ensure maximum communication levels are maintained between workshop and operations personnel regarding breakdowns safety issues, and prioritizing of equipment repairs

•  Ensure the accurate completion of daily breakdown reports, supervisors shift report, PCRs for review by senior supervisors before end of shift every day.  Ensure accurate breakdown hour information is provided

•  Analysis of component condition and recommendation of parts required. Ensure correct procedures used when troubleshooting breakdowns and failures.

•  Review operator’s checklist DOODs summary and mechanical inspection sheets, ensure submission to Senior supervisor with repair and parts recommendation. 

•  Ensure mechanic raise recommended parts lists accurately to address all known work, breakdowns, and planned maintenance

•  Prepare parts equipment and manpower for planned work and shut days,

•  Ensure all repairs are carried out in a cost effective and timely manner.

•  Investigation and reporting of all accident damage to all equipment in the field and associated area, this includes operator abuse.

•  Ensure a safe working environment for all employee by ensure all activities are carry out according to the work procedures in the management plan

•  Ensure that there is no impact on the environment from the activities that are carried out to operate and repair equipment by ensuring that the procedures     in the Management plan are followed.

•  Ensure that all maintenance tasks are carried out in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

•  Ensure all disciplinary actions are issued as required in accordance with the mine regulations and maintenance department rules.

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum Senior High School with 10 year experience in mechanical repair and supervision in the mining industry. Planning of mechanical repair

•  Be able to communicate well. Be able to discipline people

•  Logical thinking

•  People handling skill diagnostic skills in all aspects of mechanical repairs.

•  HE Mechanic experience.

EOI Supervisor Tyre (928155)

In this role, you will:

•  Cooperate with tyre administration in performing inventory of tyres, rims and tubes stock every month

•  Preparing consumable spares such as tyres, rims and its component, repair good and tools as we as tyre tools

•  Ensuring that condition of tool and equipment to work are safe and proper use

•  Coordinating with tyre analyst in performing tyre and rim replacement program

•  Actively coordinating and communication with staff of other department in relation with these jobs

•  Perform other instruction related to the work from tyre senior supervisor

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum Senior High School or apprentice graduate

•  Substantial experience in a similar or related role.

•  Good man management and communication skills.

•  Able to lead subordinates in allocation jobs

Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce

We recognize the value of an inclusive and diverse workplace through our vision: everyone matters always.

Through this vision, we will build a community where respect, value and thoughtfulness toward each person will underpin their ability to bring their full self to work because here they will be empowered, safe and included.

How to apply

This role is an opportunity to make the next step in your career. With our culture of recognition, development, and a stimulating and satisfying work environment there is no better time to join Thiess. If you want to take your career to a new level and be involved in an exciting workplace change and issues, please apply online through our web https://careers.pageuppeople.com/399/caw/en/listing   no later than 2 weeks from the date of publication.

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of Thiess. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the recruitment process.

Other Jobs in Mining