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Tender Announcement
ConocoPhillips (Ketapang) Ltd.

ConocoPhillips (Ketapang) Ltd., a Production Sharing Contractor of the Republic of Indonesia, has a requirement for the Geosurvey work. The Work is associated with the development of the Bukit Tua field located in the Ketapang Block, offshore Madura Island, East Java, approximately 40 km to the North of the Madura Island.
Companies interested to provide the services and can truly meet the requirements are invited to participate in the following bid exercises:
Geophysical and Geotechnical Piperoute Survey - Bid No. CS141 59332
Onshore Soil Boring - Bid No. CS14159887
Qualification: Company / Non small Enterprise Corporation
Section : Consultation Services - General Consultancy
Group: Survey (D.07.01)
Geophysical and Geotechnical Piperoute Survey Bid No. CS14159332
Geophysical and geotechnical investigations to acquire bathymetry, seafloor images, sub bottom profiles (shallow seismic) and magnetic records, combined with onshore topography survey, offshore gravity borings and shallow water soil borings down to 30 m below seabed along 110 km proposed piperoute.
Onshore Soil Boring - Bid No. CS14159887
Geotechnical investigations by means of soil boring and PCPT techniques down to 50 m deep at Onshore Receiving Facilities (ORF) area.
Basic Requirements:
1. Geophysical and/or Geotechnical works shall be a core business and the interested parties shall have a proven track record in successfully completing the work.
2. Have the necessary resources available including direct control over a fully operational purpose built/converted vessel.
3. Fully familiar with Indonesian regulations related to the work.
Interested parties may seek to unconditionally participate in either or both of the scope of work.
Registration Requirements:
To be qualified as a participating Registrant, the following formal documents should be provided:
a) Establishment Deed, Article of Association and related amendments, and Company Profile
b) Valid SIUP Certificate or Valid IUT Certificate.
c) Valid NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) certificate.
d) Proof of tax payment: latest year of  Setoran Pajak Tahunan (SPT/PPh) and monthly report of PPh Article 25 or Article 21/Article 23 or PPN, at least for the last 3 (three) months of 2007.
e) Valid MIGAS Directorate General License/registration certificate (SKT MIGAS).
Full details of all requirements in order to qualify as a Bidder are set out in the Prequalification Document. Companies that do not meet such requirements will not pass through prequalification stage.
Interested companies are welcome to register by submitting formal request letter to participate to prequalification process at the Procurement Counter and pick up the Prequalification Document at:
ConocoPhillips Receiving Facilities
Cilandak Commercial Estate No. 401 - Cilandak
Jakarta 12075
Counter Open Hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 11:00 & 13:00 - 14:30
Pick up dates: 3-7 April 2008
Return dates: As per the Prequalification document
Submitted Prequalification Document will be evaluated and only those companies who passes the prequalification stage will be invited to participate in this tender process.
Jakarta, 2 April 2008
ConocoPhillips (Ketapang) Ltd.

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