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Texcal Mahato EP FZCO; 3 Positions

Posting date: March 18, 2023 Expiry date: April 01, 2023

Texcal Mahato EP FZCO; 3 Positions

Texcal Mahato EP FZCO an operator of onshore PSC in Indonesia requires highly qualified individual to join our Team as follow:



• Prepare to execute COMPANY’s Drilling – Workover – Well Service Program and give solid technical & operational review and feedback on the shared Program.

• Lead, supervise, coordinate, manage and report all Drilling – Workover – Well Service activities at Rig Site/Field. There will be multiple simultaneous operation and shall be managed accordingly to have smooth parallel operation execution.

• Ensure all the Stock Tangibles are sufficient for the operation, ensure both Rig and Third-Party Services are available, and ready to be utilized to execute and support COMPANY’s Drilling program.

• Ensure all aspect of drilling, work over & well service operation meet the engineering practice, best practice, and industrial standard, time efficient, and cost effective.

• Lead, coordinate, supervise, and manage various Rig and Third-Party service companies’ equipment and personnel on the field to smoothly execute COMPANY’s Drilling – Workover – Well Service program.

• Able to mitigate and give technical advice and practical solution to various Drilling – Workover – Well Service operational problem.

• Ensure all documents are in compliance with COMPANY’s AFE Close Out requirement; example: Signed Berita Acara/MOM, Service job ticket and other related signed document requirement.

• To perform QA/QC all the incoming third-party equipment including preparation of drilling bulk materials.

• Coordinate and communicate with Field Operation Team, other Department that related with Drilling-Workover-Well Services activity, and all services regarding the drilling program and job report on daily basis.

• Prepare and review Daily Operation Report and Daily Cost Report based on daily report from every services.

• Monitoring Drilling material inventory, calculate - forecast material requirements, and provide material request to Drilling Engineer and Drilling Team Lead.

• Provides post-drilling technical summary including Lesson-learnt and final well reports.

• Train and Mentoring including transfer knowledge to Junior Drilling Supervisors.


• Min. Bachelor Degree (S1) in Engineering or Science, preferably Petroleum Engineering

• Min. 10 (Ten) years’ experience in Drilling Operation as Drilling Field Supervisor

• Have a valid Well Control Certificate (Supervisory Level)

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills (in Bahasa and English) with outstanding presentation skills

• Understand the overall processes to execute drilling program and evaluated budget

• Very good leadership skills are required

• Attentive to details

• Data analytics for Decision Making

• Excellent management skills

• Teamwork and able to manage the team on location

• Able to work in a team and leading the team, able to work under pressure, and able to keep Company Confidential

• Trustworthy, integrity, sharp analytic, and flexibility time



• Provide Legal advise on general business Law issues and managing the legal issues of all areas of the company, including but not limited to corporate matters, and procurement relating to contract issues.

• Ensure compliance with the internal controls, statutory regulations and other formalities

• Develop template/model contracts to ensure that they are in accordance with the existing legislation

• Provide advice with respect to court, arbitral or other litigation/dispute matters, and compliance

• Draft and negotiate simple and complex legal documents, including commercial and business development contracts and correspondences related to oil and gas sectors

• Anticipate and manage the (legal) risks connected with or resulting from the business strategy and operations with regard to company template/model contracts

• Conducting discovery, including report a criminal allegation to police, conducting interviews, and reviewing legal documents

• Negotiating with opposing counsel to reach settlement agreements

• Drafting pleadings and other legal documents, such as motions and discovery requests

• Communicating with clients throughout the litigation process to keep them informed about the status of their cases and any new developments

• Conducting research on legal issues associated with cases

• Interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and interviewing experts to support the client’s case

• Presenting cases before court by arguing facts and citing laws to support the client’s position


• Min. Bachelor Degree (S1) from reputable university

• Min. 10 (Ten) years’ experience in oil and gas company

• Strong legal knowledge and experience in litigation in upstream oil and gas company

• Preferably have an advocate license issued by Indonesian Advocate Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia –“PERADI”)

• Ability to work within a team and promote a positive culture

• Understand the overall operation processes

• Strong attention to detail and ability to meet competing deadlines

• Strong drafting and negotiation skills

• Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English (written and spoken), with strong communication and presentation skills



• Support to perform liaison function between company and stakeholder (SKK Migas, Ditjen Migas, and other stakeholders)

• Managing all media (print & electronic) to publish activities and achievement

• Making program regarding Institutional, Communication and Media, and also reporting in monitoring and evaluation with SKK Migas

• Preparing Work Program and Budget for Government and External Relation Matter (Media & Communication, PPM, and Kelembagaan)

• Mitigating and deliver solution related with SKK Migas, Migas Ministry and others Government Institution

• Attending invitation related to Government issue and deliver management’s concern

• Propose and conduct proper programs for CSR with local community and Communication Media

• Able to handle for Land Acquisition with all stakeholders


• Min. Bachelor Degree (S1) in Communication and/or Engineering discipline with experience in the upstream oil and gas industry

• Min. 5 (five) years’ experience in the upstream oil and gas industry

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills (in Bahasa and English) with outstanding presentation skills

• Technical & Supervision capabilities

• Good IT and Media Skill, good communication with team and external, and good picture of Operation Upstream activities

• Able to demonstrate Handling Emergency Situation

• Good relationship with SKK Migas, Ditjen Migas and also with Media

• Capability to handle work in limited time


Suitable CVs with the above requirements are welcome to submit an application no longer than 1 April 2023 via email to recruitment@texcalmahatoep.com  (please mention the job title in your subject email).


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