INPEX MASELA LTD; 10 positions; 1 of 2 ads

Posting date: June 08, 2024 Expiry date: June 22, 2024

INPEX MASELA LTD; 10 positions; 1 of 2 ads

INPEX CORPORATION is Japan’s largest exploration and production (E&P) company, which currently involved in projects across multiple continents including Indonesia, Australia, Kazakhstan, and United Arab Emirates.

INPEX has been present in Indonesia since 1966 and now INPEX participates in four oil and gas working areas including Masela Block as Operator through a production sharing contract (PSC) with the Government of Indonesia under the supervision of SKK Migas.

INPEX offers you various challenging and rewarding job opportunities since we have a strong belief that, to achieve our goal, an ambitious, skilled and experienced workforce is a key.

We are challenging the Experts to join us in the position of:

1. Specialist Project Contract & Procurement Coordination


• In coordination with Project Procurement Team, assist in Prequalification Document package and Tender Plan package which will be submitted to SKK Migas, submit such document package to SKK Migas and lead the discussion with SKK Migas to obtain approval;

• Monitor process of market survey, prequalification and tender process for goods and services in compliance with prevailing procedure and regulation and conduct negotiation to seek best technical and commercial proposal favorable to Company;

• Monitor process of Contract Award and Post Contract Award as well as provide support in procurement reporting, contract close out and audit response;

• In coordination with Project Contract Team regarding technical queries and clarifications from Contractor and to negotiate with Contractors for change of scope during Contract implementation; to support SCM team in discussing with SKK Migas on contract, procurement and local content matters; Manage and monitor contractual implementation and post contract requirements including preparation of amendment and variation order, contract close out that is stored in well managed filing system;

• Provide support to the Project team in monitoring Contract implementation after Contract Award including delivery of goods and services and prepare Contract Amendment and/or Variation Order documents as deem necessary;

• Provide expertise and support to SCM Department in managing and undertaking strategic and tactical activities such development of SCM procedures, guidelines, reports, promote safety and zero incident, local content target and achievement, National Capacity Building, vendor database and performance, discussion and maintain good relation with SKK Migas, etc.


• Bachelor degree in any discipline

• A minimum of 5 years’ experiences in Oil & Gas Company (PSC)

2. Senior Specialist Logistic & Material Management


• Evaluate and review stock analysis and material substitution analysis, developing quantity formula reordering, and consumption model and/or estimation, to ensure optimum stock level, replenishment cycle timely, following up Purchase Order (PO) and to maintain reliable inventory reports;

• Develop and evaluate stock level, replenishment cycle, stock movement, and optimal inventory usage, cyclical and annual stock-take in warehouse; review and monitor materials identification and classification as a base of material management and planning including proper treatment on stocks surplus and dead stocks; to ensure optimum stock level and avoid overstock or stock out;

• Initiate to identify and analyze materials criticality to set up material procurement plan or request to ensure minimum critical items stocks in line with buffer stocks;

• Provide recommendations to end users to get the alternatives or substitution of obsolete stocked parts to extend life time of old equipment;

• Improve and evaluate logistic cycle or materials movement (received, transfer, consumed, and returned) and materials records in SAP systems; to ensure all materials movement complies to Company policy and procedures and the material record movement is update and complete and similar in physical status.


• Bachelor degree in any discipline

• A minimum of 10 years with at least 8 years in the Oil and Gas industry

3. Specialist National Compensation & Benefit and Payroll


• Review and analyze Government and SKK Migas rules and regulations related to remuneration, and Company remuneration guidelines such as philosophy of remuneration, policy and procedures, remuneration strategy, etc.; review and analyze Company remuneration system and its association to the rules and regulations; to ensure Company remuneration system comply with Government rules and regulations, and Company remuneration guidelines;

• Review and analyze quality of remuneration system applied in INPEX Masela with review existing remuneration system compare to market in order to attain Company’s objective to be competitive in attracting high qualified candidates, retain, and motivate existing good & high performer employees;

• In coordination with all sections in HR&GS department, to prepare cycling of HR&GS budget in planning, monitoring, evaluating, and revising; prepare and monitoring HR&GS budget for personnel cost, non-personnel cost (recruitment, training, social activities, Outsourcing, Human Resources & General Services Consultant) and General Services and propose to Management for approval in order to ensure budget calculation are valid, accurate, and in timely manner;

• Develop and formulate remuneration applied in the Company, especially for National employee salaries, allowances, benefit, and perquisite; provide recommendations of remuneration adjustment based on remuneration market review and Company payment ability; in order to ensure the Company's remuneration is competitive compared to other oil and gas Company;

• Provide recommendations of job evaluation process and administration for new position and/or enrichment/enlargement roles and responsibilities of current position, slotting process into grading system and salary structure; in order to provide updated remuneration system in accordance with Company policy and procedures;

• Implement and execute monthly payroll process for National Employees as well as payment of all employee’s benefit in timely;

• Review and update Business Process, Standard, Procedure, and Guideline relate to National Compensation & Benefit and Payroll.


• Bachelor degree in any discipline

• Minimum of 3 years’ experiences and having experience in handling remuneration system. Experiences in PSC Company is preferred.

4. Specialist Funding


• Conduct financial and market data gathering and prepare financial analysis (including oil & gas project information, financial institution data, financing arrangement requirement); Implement work program objective and plan; Monitor and analyze work program implementation and adjust when necessary according to overall program and plan to ensure the availability of financing arrangement for INPEX Indonesia on time and align with requirement, guidelines and regulations;

• Assist and support negotiating and agreeing on any commercial matters related to the Project including LNG Development Agreement with relevant Indonesian authorities for securing bankable finance structures;

• In coordination with related team to prepare review and analysis project financing arrangement requirement (IFC, lenders, etc.); Provide knowledge on IFC and lenders requirement; Prepare financing arrangement proposal based on data and information analysis result and requirement to ensure the financing arrangement proposal in accordance with the requirements;

• Research and compile financing arrangement opportunities from potential lenders and other resources. Monitor and compile potential lenders characteristic and requirements; Recommend approach for potential lenders in order to ensure appropriate project financing arrangement and execution of loan agreements with reputable lenders as well as other forms of financing agreements;

• Coordinate with other functions (planning, marketing, finance, legal, technical in Jakarta and Tokyo headquarters) and financial advisor, Maintain good relationship with relevant Indonesian authorities, to establish commercial viability of the Project.


• Bachelor degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Engineering or related discipline.

• A minimum of 6 years with at least 3 years in the Oil and Gas industry in the function of either planning, business development, finance, investment or economics analysis.

Mastering Microsoft Excel.

5. Senior Counsel Contracts


• Support Chief Counsel Contracts and provide high level legal support to all relevant Departments and Teams with respect to procurement and other contracts, including confidentiality agreements, service contracts, survey contracts, supply contracts, drilling contracts, lease agreements, FEED, EPCI and O&M contracts and other relevant oil & gas industry contracts ("Contracts");

• Draft and review Contracts to ensure that all Contracts are (i) in compliance with (a) all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines including PTK-007 (as revised), (b) INPEX policies, guidelines and procedures and (c) the highest professional standards, (ii) reflect the commercial agreement between the parties and (iii) adequately protect INPEX’s interests from a legal and risk perspective;

• Prepare and maintain standard model Contracts as applicable;

• Provide legal support to internal stakeholders with respect to Contract implementation, including queries on potential disputes, complaints or referrals to the relevant Regulator; and responding to external parties with respect to the same;

• Representation on the INPEX Procurement and Tender Committees;

• Assist in managing the engagement of external legal advisors, including assessing the performance of external legal advisors, managing budget and controlling expenditure;

• Provide regular and ad hoc updates to Chief Counsel Contracts and Sr. Manager Legal on ongoing matters.


• Bachelor’s degree in Law. Masters or other advanced post-graduate degree in Law preferred.

• Minimum 10 years of legal experience with 8 years of legal experience in the oil and gas industry and with experience on Contract drafting and advice.

• International experience/background preferred.

• Fluent in both spoken and written English, with a strong ability to draft legal documents in English.

6. Head Cyber Security and Governance


• Coordinate and lead the team to review, develop and propose information management and technology (IT) policy and procedures, IT security management system including level of authority in various IT applications and in IT database access which are compatible to local and international standards and best practices; to provide reliable IT security management system applied in INPEX Jakarta Office;

• Coordinate and lead the team in monitoring IT program security improvement in global world and best practices, IT risk assessment; cyber-attacks handling, current IT security programs implemented in INPEX Jakarta Office and projects, required IT license and certification in software and hardware utilization, IT law and regulations in Indonesia and global world; coordinate and monitor in developing IT security design programs to secure data/information, IT system and IT network; in order to ensure continuous improvement of information security & compliance and maintain the integrity of systems;

• Coordinate and lead the team in monitoring and evaluating IT security management system implementations, in socializing IT security guidelines (IT policy, procedures, and standards, and IT security management system) through determined media (intranet, training, or others); coordinate in supervising a tracking system which control the security of data/ information in IT system/network. Coordinate and monitor risk assessments and execute tests of data processing system to ensure functioning of data processing activities and security measures;

• Coordinate the team on violation identification to the IT security system from internal and external Parties; conduct necessary warning system in accordance with level of violation for internal violator and protective action of IT data, system and network in accordance with Company policy and procedures and Indonesian law and regulations for external violator (cyber-attacks). Request advice for IT security system or program from external parties to enhance IT security system;

• Coordinate and monitor to encrypt data transmissions and erect firewalls to conceal confidential information as it is being transmitted and to keep out tainted digital transfers;

• Coordinate and monitor plan and strategy development to safeguard computer files against accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs;

• Consolidate and work together as one team with other persons in IMT to establish fit for purpose IMT solution. Find any problem and seek its solution. Do necessary actions to solve any related problems and implementation of solution to be fit for purpose, on specified schedule within the budget.


• Bachelor degree in Information & Technology and/ or any technical discipline.

• Tertiary degree and/or any certification from prominent institution for system analysis is preferred.

• A minimum of 13 years’ experience. Having experience in Oil and Gas Company/ Industry is preferred.

7. Senior Specialist Telecommunication


• Review, analyze, and identify requirements  and (existing and future) technology design and propose Telecommunication System for Corporate and project purpose: Provide and recommend input about telecommunication system plan, strategy and development program based on company/project programs and activities in order to ensure standard telecommunication system that align with company activities and project;

• Analyze, propose, and develop telecommunication systems, and its security; Review, monitor, and recommend telecommunication requirements for various routine operational and project activities that are provided by internal company and/or external company; Design and develop automatic monitoring system and integration of all communication systems; Review, recommend, and improve telecommunication system quality in order to ensure reliability and availability of telecommunication systems in line with Company policy, procedures, and quality standards and Standard Operating Procedures  in particular aligning with standards such as Telecommunications Act and local regulations;

• Develop and provide recommendations of telecommunication service level, technical standards and work processes through map workflow analysis, problem identification and analysis, user approval for service process; coordinate and monitor telecommunication services conducted by external parties and evaluate contractors, suppliers, and/or consultants; Continuously analyze the service delivery trend data and follow up on business improvement opportunities for telecommunication requirements in order to ensure telecommunications and contractors quality of service in line with determined quality standards;

• Maintain records and ensure physical locations of all telecommunication system inventories (telecommunication satellite, fiber optic, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Internet, VSAT, Telephony System, Field Communication, Radio Conventional, Radio Trunking, Phones, and any other main telecommunication media access); maintain all systems related to internet and network in close coordination with related Groups, and monitor their performances in order to ensure telecommunication system and equipment are maintained and recorded properly in line with Company policy, procedures, and quality standards;

• Develop and propose telecommunication policy, procedures, and standards including user manual and frequently answer and question (FAQ) and other telecommunication guidance; create training material and socialize telecommunication guidance to related parties through various media such as intranet, manual book, and others; to enhance telecommunication devices user-friendliness;

• Produce documentation of telecommunication support and submit the document to Information Management (Document Management) Team; in order to provide documentation of telecommunication development;

• Consolidate and work together as one team with other persons in IMT to establish fit for purpose of IMT solution. Find any problem and seek its solution. Do necessary actions to solve any related problems and implementation of solution to be fit for purpose, on specified schedule within the budget.


• Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering or other related disciplines.

• A minimum of 10 years experiences in the telecommunication field, with at least 5 years in the Oil and Gas industry.

8. Manager Social Performance & Land Acquisition


• Develop social investment and social performance planning and strategy, initiatives and programs; Conduct, analyze and evaluate social program/community development monitoring, need and risk assessment, international standards related to social aspects, local stakeholders mapping, study result in order to ensure developed social investment initiatives and program match to local community needs, company strategic purpose and developed social performance initiatives and programs meet requirement of international standards;

• Coordinate and lead team to fulfill the requirement of international standards in social aspect and/or non-technical aspects and related study such as Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) as a part of International Finance Corporation (IFC) or other study; provide direction in developing social initiatives and programs as a part of the standards requirement; evaluate study progress to ensure availability effective and efficient guidelines of social initiatives and programs selection;

• Define, coordinate and monitor social and community development initiatives and programs determined in WP&B and in international standards; Develop land acquisition impact assessment and recommendation for mitigation measures through specific social program; Evaluate the initiatives and programs progress which include their impact to Company reputation and image, local stakeholders response and engagement management, local community socioeconomics-environment-politics empowerment, and other Company strategic purpose to ensure multi-stakeholders acceptance on Company projects and activities, and implemented social and community development achieve the target effectively and efficiently;

• Develop and maintain good relationship and partnership management with local stakeholders such as local Governments’ key person(s), local university, local foundations, other local institutions and local community organization; develop and propose cooperation programs that have good impact among Parties; create effective warning system that enable INPEX Management to take prompt and effective decisions and actions;

• Oversee a consultant (contractor) undertaking study/ work on Land Acquisition Process in compliance with GOI regulations and the IFC Performance Standard via thorough social impact assessment in order to manage and mitigate the possible adverse impacts on communities as result of project-related land acquisition and restrictions on land use; Review study/ work proposals and provide inputs and recommendations. Managing land acquisition planning, strategy and implementation to obtain clearance and rights-of-way for Abadi project needs;

• Coordinate and lead regular reporting process to fulfill international standards requirement; monitor and evaluate the audit process related to social and environment from international standards body/lender/financial institution; and coordinate audit result and corrective action needed if any; in order to fulfill social and environment requirement of international standards properly.


• Bachelor degree in any discipline

• Minimum 15 years of experiences with 10 years in Oil & Gas or Mining industry.

9.  Engineer Completion


• Progress detail well completion design engineering studies (tubing design, completion equipment design including sand management plan, perforation strategy, well foldback plan, material selection, completion fluid design, XT deployment etc.); Optimize completion design to be deliver on time, effectively and efficiently with low HSE risks; Conduct, review and evaluate required engineering studies for completion well design that includes draft well completion program, operation procedure and HSE management plans;

• Review risk assessment and opportunity register of completion engineering; Check completion design has no deviation from INPEX Corporate standards and INPEX Indonesia manuals and policies and Indonesia regulatory requirement;

• Identify required completion equipment, service and LLI (Long Lead Item); Prepare contract strategy and procurement plan for completion equipment and services; Prepare and review technical functional specifications and scope of work of equipment and services; Progress tender/procurement process for completion equipment and services;

• Prepare updated well completion duration and cost estimation for FID and IVAS DP4 and demonstrate competitiveness; Prepare work program and budget /AFEs in order to ensure required budget and plan for completion engineering studies and program; Progress regulatory compliance process to be able to obtain approval as per schedule;

• Provide engineering support to other departments (i.e. Subsurface, SURF, HSE); Develop and maintain coordination with external party to ensure new technology, best practice and other related lesson learned can be applied in INPEX Indonesia drilling activities. 


• Bachelor degree in Engineering or Technical Science. Advanced degree in the above is preferable.

• Minimum 6 years with Well Completion engineering and operation experiences in the Oil & Gas Industry.

10.  Specialist Health


• Develop and propose Company Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) policy and procedures, including occupational safety or industrial hygienist and community or public health management system and risk assessment compatible to local and international standards and best practices;

• Develop and propose OSH programs and initiatives; coordinate and monitor the OSH management system implementation and issues handling, OSH inspections/audit in the working area including contractors as planned and impromptu;

• Develop and provide training materials to socialize the OSH programs; to ensure Company activities comply to Government OSH rules and regulations, Company policy and procedures, and international standard.


• Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Industrial Hygiene, Chemical Engineering or relevant Engineering and Science.

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry. Minimum 5 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry.


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