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Thiess; 10 Positions; 1 of 4 ads

Posting date: January 27, 2023 Expiry date: February 10, 2023

Thiess; 10 Positions; 1 of 4 ads

Our people are central to our success.

With a global business, we offer diverse and rewarding careers. We are committed to Thiess being a company and a culture where great people can excel and where they are developed and supported to reach their highest potential.

Join our team of industry leaders – because with us, your skills, knowledge and experience will make a difference to the benefit of our clients, communities and project partners.

About us

With a history since 1934, Thiess is the world’s largest mining services provider. We offer the widest range of in-house surface and underground mining capabilities in leading commodities across Australia, Botswana, Canada, Chile, Indonesia and Mongolia. Every day, we optimize the mining lifecycle to create lasting value.

Thiess has a long journey of more than 30 years in Indonesia providing mining services for various projects and clients with head office in Jakarta and support facilities in Balikpapan including workshops and training center.

We are seeking experienced people for the following positions:

Manager Technical Service (928128)


In this role, you will:

•  Plan and ensure the implementation Technical Service’s Department to achieve project's objective and client’s demand

•  Ensure and evaluate all the mine design are well implemented on the field and meet the safety requirements

•  Ensure project target is achieved such as waste target, coal target, machine productivity

•  Consider safety, environmental, cost efficiency and technical aspect during the planning process

•  Ensure cost effective is well maintained

•  Manage, appraise, and evaluate subordinate to assess their performances, provide individual feedback and coaching

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Bachelor’s degree in mining Engineer/Geologist/Civil Engineering with minimum 10-year experience in mining industry

•  Good communication written & verbal skills in English and Indonesia

•  Good computer Literacy (Ms, Office Software, Mindscape, Spry and other software required)

•  POP/POM Certificate from Mine & Energy Department

Senior Engineer Mining (928129)


In this role, you will:

•  Provide the leadership and coaching within pit engineering group

•  Actively lead and contribute to a positive teamwork within pit engineering group and environment at all time

•  Lead pit engineer, geologist and Graduate engineer

•  Provide a short-term planning services which gives guidance the mining operation clearly

•  Ensure the target set by the project are met in a time and quality manner

•  Ensure mine planning provide productively and maximum coal recovery in the most cost effectively and safe manner

•  Coordinate and communicate short term planning issues to mining operation

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Bachelor’s degree in mining or geological engineering

•  Minimum 5 Year as Mining Engineer role

•  Good understanding in Mine Design Concept, Mine Software (Minescape)

•  Good communication skill (must be able to communicate in English)

Engineer Mining 928130)


 In this role you will:

•  Evaluate and analyze project performance data related to productivity, cost & safety utilising company’s standard systems in order to ensure data reliability

•  Contribute to the development of the short term detailed mine execution plans to integrate with the mining operations

•  Monitor and coordinate engineering activities to ensure efficient production of engineering plans to meet contract program requirements

•  Analyze and identify engineering problems in order to propose solutions and expedite actions regarding the client agreement where necessary

•  Review client plans and requests to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system and understood and implemented

•  Prepare data for the progress claim report to be reviewed by the Engineering Superintendent

•  Collect data related to subcontractor performance in order to prepare  summary reports required for the project

•  Support and cooperate with site survey team in order to analyse progress surveys and haul profile surveys

•  Coaching and mentoring of graduate mining engineers, mining engineers and technical assistants in order to provide technical support

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Graduated from Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering

•  Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Mining projects

•  Certified in POP  from Mine and Energy Department

•  Proficient in geological modelling, mine planning (Minescape) and other general office software (Microsoft).

•  Proficient in Mining Principles, Mine design concepts and mining methods

Engineer Drill & Blast (928131)


 In this role you will:

•  Provide drill & blast planning service which guides the mining operation towards the long term & profitability

•  Provide daily, weekly and monthly planning to support production target in most cost-effective way in safety manner

•  Provide daily and monthly report for drill and blast actual production including but not limited to total drill depth, total blasted volume, explosive usage, drill, and blast cost

•  Control drill and blast activities to avoid any operational issues, e.g. hard digging case, coal losses, mining delay, standby equipment, and blasting permit

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Applicants should have a minimum bachelor’s degree in mining engineering with 5 years’ experience in similar role as engineer drill & blast; hold certificate Blaster Class II;

•  Excellent communication skills in English both verbal and written and proficient in computer literacy; strong leadership; self-motivated; team player; supportive; innovative, problem solving, think strategically; communicative; and able to work under pressure are preferred character traits

•  Proven skills in utilizing Drill and Blast software such as Minescape , Vulcan, Shotplus, Viewshot, etc

Engineer Environmental (928132)


 In this role you will:

•  Develop, manage, communicate, implement, maintain, audit and review Environmental Management Plan consistently to meet ISO:14001 requirements

•  Maintain ISO:14001 requirements and its performance for the project during the audit

•  Develop, manage, communicate, implement, maintain, audit and review environmental management procedures and support their implementation so as to achieve the environmental objectives targets set for the project

•  Deliver Environmental Performance

•  Actively contribute to a positive teamwork environment at all times.

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Degree in Environmental Engineering or other suitable discipline

•  Minimum 2 years’ experience as Engineer Environmental

•  Environmental Management System ISO 14001

•  Rehabilitation or Reclamation in Mining sector

•  Environmental Management Plan

•  Environmental Risk Assessment

•  Hydrocarbon & Waste Management

•  Hazardous Substances Management

•  Environmental Monitoring

•  Water Supply Management

•  Wastewater Management (Mining, Industry, Domestic)

•  Good English communication skill

Planner Plant (928133)


 In this role you will:

•  Ensure planning department goals are achieved in your workshop

•  Generate, monitor and maintain PM service and backlog schedule for support and hire equipment

•  Review, update and correct all non-component backlog defects in JDE for machines in your area of responsibility

•  Every morning re-organise the support equipment maintenance activities board as per the updated service schedule and other current maintenance activities

•  Ensuring all work packages are complete and prepares as per the weekly plan

•  Review all completed work packages, directing any that are not fully completed back to the workshop supervisor to be completed

•  As required offer feedback to planning supervisor and support equipment supervisor when planning system are not working in your workshop

•  Administer all non-component machine requirements (for your workshop) in line with the TCI work order flow chart

•  As required forward on to planning supervisor any information that is required by site central planning group

•  Actively participate in the weekly planning process

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Graduated from Thiess Apprenticeship or extensive planning experience

•  Requires a minimum 5 years' professional experience in similar role as Planner Component in maintenance and planning in the mining industry

•  Familiar with Heavy Equipment’s and have working knowledge of mining equipment components and experience in safe work practices

Senior Engineer Drill & Blast (928134)


 In this role you will:

•  Review drill and blast designs, implement designs in conjunction with blasting sub-contractor and analyse drill and blast results, acknowledging inefficiencies and implement changes accordingly to ensure high quality, cost effective and safe blasting occurs

•  Ensure drill and blast design, explosive consumption and blasting activity effective and efficient as required to achieve production target

•  Develop, review and implement  suitable strategies to provide optimal blasting solutions and improve blasting performance to operations.

•  Review and analyse drill efficiency and utilisation to ensure drill is working productively in the most cost effective and safe manner.

•  Coordinate blasting activities, lead and control blasting crew to ensure agreed mine plan is being followed.

•  Analyze and communicate drilling and blasting issues to short term engineer and mining operation in order to provide technical support to site based personnel.

•  Monitor and control drill and blast operations and activities to ensure high standards of safety are always upheld.

•  Initiate, monitor and control drill and blast activities as well as maintain continuous improvement initiatives in drill and blast areas in order to increase efficiency in drill and blast area

•  Prepare and review subcontractor reports, prepare quantities for invoices and analyze drill and blast cost to ensure they meet the budget

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Graduate from bachelor degree in Mining Engineering

•  Minimum of 8 years of drill and blast experience and management and supervisory experience

•  Proficient in drill and Blast design concepts & operations; An Awareness of mine opt regulatory requirements; OHS&E

•  Minimum “Pratama” Certification – Mine and Energy Department and Hold KJL II certification

•  Proven skills in utilizing Drill and Blast software such as Minescape , Vulcan, Shotplus, Viewshot, etc.

Supervisor Drill & Blast (928135)


 In this role you will:

•  Ensure the implementing of drill and blast design so as to achieve the good blast fragmentation in most efficiency manner;

•  Plan and supervise blast activity following safe and efficient blast target and to maximize coal recovery in the most cost effective manner.

•  Be responsible in monitoring and controlling blast activities and blast sequence;

•  Ensure blast activity productivity are meeting targets; ensure blast designs and plans from Drill and Blast Engineer are implemented on the field; and make sure drilled holes are recorded, documented and reported;

•  Coordinate with mining supervisor; coordinate with Drill and Blast Engineer about explosive charging plan for high-wall design, coal design, wedge area; and liaise with Drill and Blast Engineer regarding drill design and planning.

•  Research, evaluate and recommend investments in technology, capital, equipment, systems or other assets that will enhance the plant’s production capabilities

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum Senior High School grade with experience as Blast Supervision minimum 3 years, and minimum 5 years of site experience.

•  Understand the drill blast design and explosive product usage; have Supervisory level 1 (Pratama) certification; and Blast Trainee 2nd class (KJL Kelas 2).

•  You should be able to work under deadlines, be fast paced and mobile, have strong motivation, organize and provide direction to employees, have effective communication, good team work and leadership skill.

Manager Plant Site (928102)


 In this role you will:

•  Plan, organize and direct the asset and maintenance operations to ensure the most effective return on assets

•  Initiative plans and processes which  minimize manufacturing costs through effective utilization of manpower , equipment, facilities, materials and capital to ensure attainment of business objectives and productions schedules while ensuring product standard that will exceed customer’s expectation

•  Improve manpower utilization within existing departments and processes in order to ensure schedule stability that allows for maximum returns on efficiency

•  Continually improve safety record by addressing both physical safety issue and employee safety attitudes

•  Monitor the cost and effectiveness of maintenance activities to optimize resources , priorities spending and maintain projected cost variance within budget for equipment

•  Set and monitor the performance of the plant against standards and targets

•  Develop and implement continuous improvement policies and procedures to ensure that the plant meets its current and future production targets and quality standards

•  Research, evaluate and recommend investments in technology, capital, equipment, systems or other assets that will enhance the plant’s production capabilities

What skills and experience do you need?

•  Minimum of 10 years previous experience in a similar role experience in large open cut mining operation of which at least five years in production/service supervision/ management role

•  Graduate from Tertiary Degree in Maintenance /Engineering or related discipline

•  Have comprehensive knowledge of maintenance management principles and practice

•  Have good Technical Skills ( Computer literacy, OHS&E requirements Legislative and statutory requirements, TechnicaL expertise,  Project Management and Implementation)

•  Good communication skills – written & verbal in Bahasa & English

•  Team works – works effectively with others and relates to fellow workers

•  Personal impact & effectiveness

Superintendent Plant (928101)


In this role you will:

•  Support Reliability processes implemented by the Asset Reliability Team

•  Travel to site as required to assist with Planning strategic projects

•  Strive for cost efficiencies where possible while not compromising safety

•  Liaise with the Asset Lead – Reliability to monitor, review and update Fleet Reliability processes

•  Liaise with OEM’s and Thiess content experts on current strategy updates or reviews

•  Identify project-based opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs

•  Identify practices that are out of date or redundant to improve work flow and reduce overall operating cost base

•  Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, statutory obligations and Thiess and THIESS Policies

•  Liaise with the Plant Site Support Manager  to ensure tasks are relevant and support business objectives

•  Promote, encourage and foster the safety culture within Thiess

What skills and experience do you need?

•  5 years previous experience in a similar role

•  Understand operational factors that can impact the planning process

•  Understand the whole of life asset strategy

•  Understand the key environmental risks associated with Maintenance operations, the controls to be implemented to manage the risk and the legislative compliance obligations

•  Good communication skills – written & verbal in Bahasa & English

•  Team works – works effectively with others and relates to fellow workers

•  Personal impact & effectiveness

Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce

We recognize the value of an inclusive and diverse workplace through our vision: everyone matters always.

Through this vision, we will build a community where respect, value and thoughtfulness toward each person will underpin their ability to bring their full self to work because here they will be empowered, safe and included.

How to apply

This role is an opportunity to make the next step in your career. With our culture of recognition, development, and a stimulating and satisfying work environment there is no better time to join Thiess. If you want to take your career to a new level and be involved in an exciting workplace change and issues, please apply online through our web https://careers.pageuppeople.com/399/caw/en/listing   no later than 2 weeks from the date of publication.

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of Thiess. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the recruitment process.

Other Jobs in Mining