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PT Aserra Capital; 8 Positions

Posting date: February 01, 2023 Expiry date: February 15, 2023

PT Aserra Capital; 8 Positions

PT Aserra Capital (doing business as Aserra Capital) is an Indonesian company located in Jakarta with a presence in the Netherlands and Indonesia that provides investment services. PT Aserra Capital is a significant shareholder of PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk (66.90 %).



General Responsibilities:

1. Collecting and reporting invoices in accordance with certain deadlines.

2. Reconcile Account Receivable and Account Payable Balance data for each month.

3. Provide a list of billing invoices to the direct supervisor.

4. Follow up on existing invoices and allocate payments.

5. Updating the estimated cash flow receipts and Account Receivable arrears.

6. Input accounting journal data into the company's financial system.

7. Checking and verifying the completeness of documents related to financial transactions.


1. Female, max 35 years old.

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

3.  Well-known tax law/tax regulation.

4.  Having experience of about 3 years as an Accounting staff.

5.  Having good interpersonal skills and good communication skills.

6.  Familiar with finance programs (accurate, tax, and similar programs).

7.  Preferably have knowledge of PNBP

8.  Willing to learn new things to support the job and other things.

9.  Capable to handle any auditing cases.

10. Support Operations/Project.

11. Have been vaccinated.

12. Placement in head office (Jakarta).


(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Finance & Accounting Staff  PETROMINDO or Finance & Accounting SPV PETROMINDO) Please Choose One


General Responsibilities:

1.  Responsible for Health, Safety, and Environment in the work area

2.  Supervise and control heavy equipment activities in the field

3.  Assigning operators in accordance with the mastery of the heavy equipment unit and the level of difficulty of the work and directing to locations that have been determined by the Mining Operation Supervisor.

4.  Reviewing and evaluating constraints in mining operations and discussing with the Operations Supervisor solutions for solving problems that occur.

5.  Ensure the unit works according to its function

6.  Prepare reports on safety briefing results, and equipment/unit activities including stand-by, break down, and service schedule for each shift.


1. Min. SMA/SMK.

2. Male, Max 40 years.

3. Minimum 5 years of experience as a Foreman in Mine Engineer.

4. Proficient in using Ms. Office

5. Having POP certificate is preferred

6. Domicile in Sulawesi is preferred

7. Has been vaccinated

8. Placement in Buli, Halmahera.

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Foreman Mine Engineer– PETROMINDO ) please choose one.


General Responsibilities:

1.  Reconcile and provide information on Fuel consumption in each fleet.

2.  Ensure actual fuel consumption needs in each fleet.

3.  Check and monitor Fuel Consumption regularly.

4.  Monitor and check sailing consumption, shifting consumption, and free sailing consumption.

5.  Perform calculations and estimates of fuel consumption during sailing and shifting.

6.  Evaluate and analyze fuel consumption if there is a difference between calculation and sounding fuel.

7.  Ensure the completeness of contract requirements, cargo documents, and ship documents.

8.  Assisting the needs of marine project logistics.

9.  Ensure safe and efficient naval operations.


1. Education S1 Marine Engineering, Mechanical, Marine Study or related majors

2. Minimum 2 years of experience as Fuel/bunker officer/surveyor cargo tanker.

3. Experience in terms of Fuel consumption tests.

4. Have the ability to evaluate fuel consumption.

5. Have a shipping management certificate (preferred).

6. Placement in Jakarta.

7. Willing to do business trips outside the region.

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Fuel Analyst – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1.  Support the duties and responsibilities of the Operation Coordinator to ensure that all operations team members in the field carry out their duties and responsibilities by the technician and administrative SOPs as well as the applicable health, safety, and environmental protection (HSE) policies.

2.  Perform daily, weekly and monthly checks for refueling/transfer equipment.

3.  Operate and maintain all equipment related to handling fuel in the field (Flowmeter, Transfer Pump, Flexible Hose, etc).

4.  Conduct pre-unloading inspections of fuel and supervise transfers of fuel from own vehicles or transporters.

5.  Make documentation of fuel delivery to customers.

6.  Checking the completeness of fuel delivery documents, and fuel specifications, and conducting field verification of fuel quality.

7.  Carry out regular monitoring of fuel usage at customer locations.

8.  Carry out activities to report fuel usage activities at own depots or customer locations.


1. Education SMK/D3 in Engineering or related majors.

2. Minimum 2 years of experience as a Fuel Technician.

3. Have good skills in documentation and reporting

4. Can work in a team.

5. Have a fuel handling/chemical handling certificate, and mechanical knowledge (pump/compression) preferred.

6. Has been vaccinated.

7. Placement in Weda, Halmahera Tengah.

8. Willing to do business trips outside the region.

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Fuel Technician – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1. Identify and analyze requests for purchases of goods or services from users.

2. Inspect the quantity & specification of receipt of goods from vendors/suppliers.

3. Manage and monitor vendors and suppliers to ensure their capabilities and services are in line with the needs and budget of the Company.

4. Looking for competent vendors/suppliers according to their fields.

5. Arrange delivery/pick-up of goods to the site.

6. Understand the rules of transportation mode.

7. Knowing the need for tools and equipment for mining company operations.


1. Minimum education D3.

2. Age 25 - 35 years.

3.    Minimum 2 years of experience as procurement or purchasing in the shipping company.

4. Must have good negotiation skills.

5.  Good knowledge of vendor sourcing practices (researching, evaluating and liaising with vendors).

6. Understanding of supply chain procedures.

7.  Good analytical skills, with the ability to create cost analyses.

8.  Mastering Ms. Office, MS Excel, and logistics software.

9.  Has been vaccinated.

10.  Placement in Jakarta, Head Office.

11. Willing to do business trips outside the region.

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Procurement – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1.  Carry out the process of fulfilling crew personnel according to requests from the operational section.

2.  Organize and process the issuance of Sea Work Agreements (PKL) and other crew documents.

3.  Controlling and carrying out the process of signing on, signing off, and transferring ship crew.

4.  Ensure that ship crew personnel assigned to each ship have gone through the familiarization stage and can serve and work in their positions.

5.  Control and manage the completeness of crew personnel documents on each ship and manage the documentation.

6.  Carry out crew training and evaluation of ship crew.

7.  Carry out supporting the Port Engineer and Port Captain in data collection, documentation, filling, and presentation of the necessary data and documents.

8.  Monitor and follow up on the validity period of the certificate.

9.  Doing other work as directed by superiors and management.


1. Minimum holding Class III Certificate (ANT/ATT), or Bachelor Degree from Port & Shipping Management (Ketatalaksanaan Pelayaran Niaga ) or Maritime Academy Graduates.

2.  Minimum 2 years of experience as crewing for the shipping company.

3.  Good communication and interpersonal skills.

4.  Attention to detail.

5. Intermediate in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook)

6. Have teamwork skills and integrity.

7. Good interpersonal & communication skills.

8. Has been vaccinated.

9.  Willing to do business trips outside the region.

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: CREWING & TATA LAKSANA – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1.   This position is one of the strategic positions in the Organization, and will work with the teams to handle: all HRGA functions and Job Descriptions including Development & Training, Operational matters, and General Affairs issues (Building, access card, vehicle management, management of office facilities such as meeting rooms, etc).

2.   Handling Excellent planning & conduction of Recruitment and Selections, planning and controlling annual training, Industrial relations issues, HR Systems, Payroll, BPJS, Insurance, and others related to HR functions.

3.  HR improvements and support for Organization change changing including behavioral, engagement from employees and others initiate HR Programs; Supporting others Ad Hoc tasks as assigned by HR Manager.


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Human Resources Management/Law or related majors.

2. At least 5 Years of working experience in the same position, especially in the shipping industry (Must)

3.  Maximum age 30 Years Old.

4.  Understand Employment law and Omnibus Law.

5. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and HRIS Programs.

6.  Have good leadership skills.

7.  Have the ability to analyze problems and be able to make good decisions.

8.  Have the ability to adapt and good communication.

9.  Detail-oriented & have good administrative skills.

10. A team worker, can also thrive well when working independently.

11. Has been vaccinated.

12. Can join immediately.

13. Willing to be placed in all areas of the Company's operations.

14. Placement in Jakarta (Head Office).

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.:  HR Generalist Shipping - Petromindo) please choose one.



1. Drafting agreements, letters, and other documentations

2. Doing compliance in accordance with prevailing law and regulations, including licenses for companies

3. Assisting projects involving the company and its affiliates

4. Assisting other departments within the company by giving legal opinion on certain transactions, conducting a preliminary review on contract/agreements or extension of existing contract/agreements.

5. Assisting other assignments as provided by General Manager Legal & Tender.


1. Bachelor’s degree in Law

2. Having 2 – 5 years of experience in Legal fields, in mining industry will be a plus.

3. Good understanding on Capital Market Regulations

4. Good knowledge on basic agreement drafting

5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

6. English Proficient (both oral & written)

7. Thriving to work under pressure, relying on strong sense organization and enjoyment of hard work and able to work independently as well as on a team

(put the position you apply in the subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Legal  – PETROMINDO)

Please send your resume to: Recruitment@aserranpm.com

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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